homeware for autumn/winter

Cosy Homeware for Autumn/Winter.

5th November 2017

Interior design is something I'm very passionate about. I like to dedicate a lot of my time (and money, let's face it!) to making my home look and feel as nice as possible - it's something that gives me a lot of joy! So now that we are moving into the Autumn/Winter months, I've been [...] Read More
DIY Pumpkin floral arrangement

DIY Pumpkin Floral Arrangement.

19th October 2017

Continuing with the distinctively Autumnal theme of my blog content recently, today I am showing you how to make this pumpkin floral arrangement! It's a bit of a running joke with my friends that if I could turn into a pumpkin, I would, because I'm a little bit obsessed with them. So when I seen [...] Read More
christmas decor christmas tree

My Christmas Decor

15th December 2016

The most wonderful time of the year Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I love the whole atmosphere, how much happier everyone is and all the lovely festive activities in the lead up to the big day. However, I have to say that one of my favourite parts is putting up all [...] Read More
autumn halloween interiors decor bedroom

My Autumn & Halloween Decor

25th October 2016

Autumnal Updates I love Autumn. It's no secret. It is by far my favourite season and after spending a year in Canada (where they go crazy for Fall decor) I knew I had to give my own little flat a few Autumnal and Halloween updates. Now as much as I wished that I lived in my own [...] Read More
girly bedding autumn marks and spencer

A girly bedroom update

17th September 2016

Pretty bedding I love interiors. I always have - I remember getting so excited looking at homeware with my mum when I was younger and having so much fun re-decorating my bedroom. Nowadays, I have my own flat with my boyfriend and so I don't have the same autonomy when it comes to the decoration [...] Read More

My Budget Dressing Table

10th December 2015

So I thought I’d share today a little bit about my make-shift dressing table that I set up for myself here in my apartment in Canada. My apartment didn’t come with a desk or anything like that in my room so I didn’t have anywhere sit and get ready in the morning or keep my […]

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Student Room Decor Tips

14th February 2014

I moved out from my parents house into student halls this year and let’s be honest, student accommodation isn’t the nicest place to stay! However, I’ve tried to make my room a bit more homely and add a touch of personality to it. I’ve seen a few pictures of people stacking magazines in their bedrooms […]

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The Sunday Post | #3

10th March 2013

So for this week’s Sunday Post I thought I’d do something a little different as it is mother’s day! Today I treated my mother to Afternoon Tea at Mar Hall (a rather swanky country estate in the West of Scotland) and it was rather lovely! I took a few snaps as it was such a […]

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My first taste of Diptyque..

6th January 2013

    Hello again, blogger-sphere! I have been absent for a while and I do apologise, but the festive season was pretty hectic for me! I have some new-years fueled inspiration and I’m planning lots of posts for 2013! Now, Diptyque… I worked at Space NK over the festive period and was constantly over at […]

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