What to consider before renovating a house

17th September 2019

I am now 4 months into the renovation of our 1930s house and thought it could be quite useful to write a post for anyone who is considering taking on a similar project. Renovations have become ‘instagrammable’. It seems like everyone has become obsessed with interiors and undertaking big projects to completely transform their homes. [...] Read More

Our house renovation plans

4th August 2019

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that my partner, Max, and I have bought our first house. The sale went through officially at the end of March, but it’s been a very busy few months since then as the house is a huge project. So today I thought I’d talk you [...] Read More
flower arranging - how to keep and arrange fresh flowers

Tips for arranging & keeping fresh flowers

11th February 2018

As you can possibly tell from my photography both on here and on my Instagram, I love flowers. For me, it's essential to have fresh blooms around the house at all times as they really brighten up the place and just generally make me feel happy! So after buying so many bouquets, I've learned a [...] Read More
Christmas decorations: preparing the home for Christmas

Preparing the home for Christmas.

19th December 2017

I think my favourite part about the festive season is decorating my home. It honestly makes me so happy to turn on the Christmas tree lights after coming back from work and just being in the cosy environment. So today I thought I'd talk a bit about all the Christmas decorations in our flat this [...] Read More
homeware for autumn/winter

Cosy Homeware for Autumn/Winter.

5th November 2017

Interior design is something I'm very passionate about. I like to dedicate a lot of my time (and money, let's face it!) to making my home look and feel as nice as possible - it's something that gives me a lot of joy! So now that we are moving into the Autumn/Winter months, I've been [...] Read More
how to plan a gallery wall

How to Plan a Gallery Wall.

23rd September 2017

So today I am (finally!) sharing some interiors content from our new flat! We moved in just over 2 months ago and since then we've been trying to get the decor sorted out which is actually pretty difficult when you work full time! But one of the first things we did was buy prints for [...] Read More
bedroom wishlist, homeware

Bedroom Wishlist.

12th July 2017

As I've mentioned like 10000 times, I am moving to London this week (ahhh!). The big move is happening this weekend and I am very excited to finally be starting a new little phase of my life. But with new flats comes new interior design opportunities (at least that's how I think of it!) and [...] Read More
Kitchen wish list - kitchen appliances and homeware that I am lusting after!

Kitchen Wish List

21st April 2017

I now have just over 2 months until I leave my flat here in Glasgow and move to London! So with me being the interiors addict that I am, I've been looking out for some new homeware pieces already. One area I'd like to invest in is our kitchen - I love to cook, so I [...] Read More