Mid-Year Goals.

mid year goals
mid year goals

So we are now well into the half-way point in the year and to be honest I’m pretty excited about the rest of 2017! I know everyone has said time is going so quickly, which it is, but now I’m finished University I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can properly enjoy the rest of the year.

Therefore, I thought I’d share my mid-year goals today. I wrote a post about my 2017 goals in January, so I thought I’d review things and also re-evaluate what I want to achieve for the rest of the year. It’s been 6 months but a lot has actually changed in my life, so I think my goals need a shake up too.

reviewing my goals

So the goals I set out in my January post included improving my fitness, being more frugal, being more productive, working on friendships and also reducing my time online. Looking back at it, I think I’ve made some progress in most areas although others need a bit more work!

I’ve definitely improved my fitness, although now my goal is not really to lose weight. I got a bit fanatical about it and to be honest, it made me miserable. Improving strength and toning up a few areas are my only goals now.

As for being frugal, I’ve definitely been more conscious of spending so far this year but I still have a way to go! However my productivity has definitely improved and I’ve been able to keep up with blogging and actually get my degree (finally!) but I’d like to push it even further.

As for friendships & spending time online – I feel like these two are linked. I’ve definitely not cut back on technology, in fact I’m spending more time online than ever before! But part of the reason for this (outside of working) is that I’ve been trying really hard to involve myself more in the blogging community. I’m far from being lil’ miss popular on Twitter, but I think I’ve started to connect with people more.

updated goals

Settle in London

As I’ve mentioned like a million times, I’m moving to London! My moving date is now less than 2 weeks away, so it’s not long to go. A recent development is that I have now got a job in London (which I am so happy about) so everything is kind of falling into place.

So my goal for the rest of the year is to really settle into London life. First of all, sorting out our flat and making it very homely. But also just getting into the lifestyle there and really making the most of being in one of the most exciting cities in the world!

Start properly saving

Tied to my previous goal of frugality, I’d like to start saving. I’m fortunate enough to have a job basically straight from coming out of uni, so I’m in a better position than I thought I would be before. So my plan is to open a lifetime ISA and start putting in money for a house/flat!

This is a goal I am really focused on because it is my top priority to get on the property ladder. It’s going to be harder as we’ll be living in the South of England and prices down there are just crazy! But I’m determined to do it – even if it means I have a much longer commute to work.

Keep blogging regularly

Over the past 9 months or so I’ve been able to keep this blog regularly updated as well as really building my social channels. But I still have such a long way to go and I have SO many blogging related goals for this year. However, my main one is to keep going even though I’m going to be working full time.

I understand this is going to be challenging as my life will be far less flexible. But I’m ready to put the work in and fit in blogging in the evenings and weekends. It might mean that there are less posts in a week, but I’m going to make sure that the quality is better than ever!

Go out more

Regular readers of my blog (and followers on Instagram) will know I’m a bit of a grandma. To be honest, my final year of University was so intense that I had to make sacrifices in my social life in order to keep on top of blogging and just remain sane!

However, I’d like to spend the rest of the year getting out a bit more! I don’t mean going clubbing or anything per se, but just anything that involves me being out of the house and my pyjamas. I think I’ll have more opportunities to do things living in London – although it’s gonna be expensive!


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