Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to pinotandparquet.com – my little slice of the internet, where I share content about two of my biggest passions: wine and interiors.

As for me? I’m Lynnsay – a twenty-six year old freelance digital marketing strategist and content creator. I am originally from Scotland (near Glasgow) but I now live in East London with my husband-to-be Max and my two Ragdoll cats, Matisse and Pablo.

I have been blogging for almost 9 years now and originally shared content around fashion, beauty, interiors and lifestyle. However, after almost a decade of ‘growing up’ online, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to the two topics I really do love the most: wine and interiors.

Wine isn’t something I have shared a lot about online in the past, however it is something I’m rather enthusiastic about in my offline life. I started my career in the wine industry and as part of my job I had to study and take exams on wine. That was the beginning of what is now my hobby and greatest passions! My whole attitude towards wine changed when I learned more about it and it is one of my greatest pleasures to share this knowledge with others.

Offline, I ran a quarterly wine club in the marketing agency where I worked for almost 3 years. I really took notice of everyone’s enthusiasm for learning about wine and how they loved to share some of the little tips and facts that they had learned in our tastings with their friends and family. So, I’d like to recreate that here on this blog – sharing my bit of knowledge and passion for wine, so that others can learn too.

Without any snobbery, jargon or any of those other wine industry clichés.

As for interiors, well, anyone who has followed this blog or my Instagram for the past few years will know that it is one of my favourite topics! We recently completed the renovation of our 1930s house in London, but are still working our way through decorating. Once that is done, we’ll be moving on to the next renovation project…

If you’d like to get in contact, you can get all of my details from my Contact page. Or find me on Instagram to say hello!