My first taste of Diptyque..



Hello again, blogger-sphere! I have been absent for a while and I do apologise, but the festive season was pretty hectic for me! I have some new-years fueled inspiration and I’m planning lots of posts for 2013!
Now, Diptyque… I worked at Space NK over the festive period and was constantly over at the Diptyque stand smelling everything they had to offer. It’s safe to say I fell in love. However I chose this little beauty, sapin doré, as my first purchase from the brand. It’s from their Christmas collection so you probably won’t be able to get it anymore (sorry!) but I just had to show it as it’s incredible!
It smells like pine, but it’s mixed with other oriental scents which make it so inviting. I’m terrible at describing scents, but I would describe it as pine gone sexy.. Sounds bizarre but it works! As for the quality of the candle, it’s amazing. I always trim the wick before burning it again, which stops soot and makes the candle burn a lot better.
On a side note, is it bad that I’m desperate to finish it, just so I can clean out the jar and use it for my brushes?
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/New Year, and here’s to 2013!


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