My Christmas Decor

christmas decor christmas tree
christmas decor christmas tree ornaments

The most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I love the whole atmosphere, how much happier everyone is and all the lovely festive activities in the lead up to the big day. However, I have to say that one of my favourite parts is putting up all of the Christmas decor around the house.

This year, Max and I have moved into our first flat together so we picked up a few new things. First of all, we got a proper adult sized Christmas tree rather than a mini one that we’re used to having in our student flats! It’s a 6ft tree from Marks and Spencer that we got on the 20% off deal a while ago. We thought a 6ft tree would be massive, but our flat has really high ceilings so we actually could have gone bigger!

christmas decor christmas tree
christmas decor christmas tree presents
christmas decor christmas tree ornaments
christmas decor christmas tree

We went for a white, silver and red theme for our tree this year. I was going to go for the whole The White Company minimal look, but I felt like it needed a pop of colour. I think Christmas decor should be quite fun, so we’ve opted for some cute ornaments as well. I absolutely love the end result!

Our decorations are mostly from Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. I’ve left a little edit of some of my favourites below if you are still looking for some new ornaments this year!

christmas decor advent calendar
christmas decor festive candles shelves
christmas decor

As well as the tree, we have been adding some extra pieces of Christmas decor around our living room. I am a huge fan of Christmas candles, so of course there are a lot of them scattered around the room. My favourites are The White Company Winter Candle and also the Marks & Spencer Mandarin, Cinnamon & Clove scent.

Our living room is my favourite part of our flat at the moment as it just looks so festive. We spend a lot of time here watching Christmas films, drinking tea and eating mince pies!

The Little Extras

christmas decor flowers bedroom
christmas decor bedroom

A cosy, festive bedroom

We haven’t gone all out with the Christmas decor in our bedroom this year. I had bought some new bedding for Autumn and somehow mislaid my Christmas bedding from my flat 2 years ago, so I decided just to leave the bedding this year and go for a festive cushion instead. This one is from Marks & Spencer and I think it’s so cute!

We also got this absolutely divine faux-fur throw from Marks & Spencer which has to be the best thing I’ve bought all winter. Our flat is very cold because of the high ceilings and single glazed windows so this throw is a god send in the evenings. It’s a bit pricey for a throw but I have to say that for us, it was 100% worth it.

christmas decor bedroom

So that was my little tour of our Christmas decor this year. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it, even if our house isn’t quite Pinterest-worthy! I can’t wait until the day I have my own house and can fill it with ALL of the festive decor – I’m talking wreaths running down staircases and everything!

I often post little interiors snaps of my flat on Instagram, so if that’s your sort of thing you can follow me here! I also love Pinterest at the moment and I have a huge Christmas board full of all the festive inspiration which you can find here.

Do let me know how you are decorating your home for Christmas this year and where your favourite places are to shop for decorations!


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