My Budget Dressing Table

So I thought I’d share today a little bit about my make-shift dressing table that I set up for myself here in my apartment in Canada. My apartment didn’t come with a desk or anything like that in my room so I didn’t have anywhere sit and get ready in the morning or keep my make-up organised. What a disaster I know, I know it isn’t exactly an essential but I like to have somewhere that I can do my make-up and keep things tidy. It saves me getting make-up all over my bed sheets.
I did a Student Decor Tips post ages ago and it has proven to be one of my most popular posts so I thought I’d share how I set up this little area as it was super cheap and it is perfect for a student room!

Ok so first of all, the basic set up. I got both the table and chair from IKEA – the table I got from the desk section where you choose what table top and what legs you want. The table top is the LINNMON model, which I got in black and in the smallest size at a bargain price of £8. The legs are the cheapest option, ADILS at £2.25 per leg. I then chose the TERJE chair which wasn’t the cheapest possible option, but still very reasonable at £11. Meaning that all of the furniture comes in at the grand total of.. £28. Not bad, eh?

While it isn’t the stuff of pinterest dreams, I think it looks quite good for the price I paid and for how long I’m going to be staying here. (The cushion, if you were wondering, is from Velvetgh0st’s collection with Primark).

As for the finishing touches, I got my mirror from IKEA as well as the blogger-favourite white flower pots that I’ve used to keep my brushes and eyeliners in. The little plate is from Urban Outfitters and I love using this for my jewellery. It also has a little “L” on it which is cute. My make-up storage containers do not look the most attractive and they are kinda overflowing with products (oops, having Sephora 10 mins away was never gonna end well) but they do the job. I also god them both from Urban Outfitters but you can definitely find similar things on Ebay or from Muji for a lot less!

For decorating tips, I’ve just pinned my polaroid pictures onto the wall to make it a bit prettier looking so if you have any photos or even posters/tickets from places you’ve visited pin them up! Pinterest have a lot of photowall inspiration. Also – fairy lights are key. If I had one bit of advice for any student wanting to decorate their bedroom it would be fairy lights – they cover a multitude of sins and they are just so damn pretty. 

I’m thinking of doing a revision of my student decor tips post in the near future so if that is something you’d like to see, let me know!



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