engagement ring

Our Amsterdam Engagement

14th September 2020

If you follow me Instagram, you might have seen that I got engaged a few weeks ago! Max proposed when we were in Amsterdam for the bank holiday weekend, so I thought I would share all details of our Amsterdam engagement today. First of all, let me tell you that I was surprised. Like, really [...] Read More
singapore travel tips

Singapore Travel Diary

10th March 2019

Hello everyone! I’m back today with a travel diary from my trip to Singapore in February. Last month, my family and I went on a big family holiday to celebrate my dad’s retirement – stopping off at Singapore before moving onto Malaysia. So today I thought I’d break down our time in Singapore and give [...] Read More

My UK Travel Wishlist

14th August 2018

I am ashamed to admit that I have not seen a lot of the UK. Despite living here all my life, I haven't visited so many beautiful places but it's something that I want to change. I have a wish-list of sorts with all the places I'd like to visit, so I thought I would [...] Read More
Tallinn travel guide - Estonia at Christmas

Travel guide: Tallinn, Estonia

18th January 2018

Tallinn is a place that is very close to my heart. My dad moved to Estonia when I was 5 for work and since then I've had the pleasure of visiting the city quite a few times. I last visited in December last year, so it now feels like the perfect time to share my [...] Read More
French Riviera holiday, villefranche sur mer

How to Plan a Trip to the French Riviera.

8th September 2017

As I mentioned in my recent post all about Antibes, I'm lucky enough to get to visit the French Riviera quite a lot. I also have the benefit of having a real local to show me around - my boyfriend Max grew up near Cannes and so knows the area really well. So I thought [...] Read More
antibes, french riviera

A Day in Antibes.

5th September 2017

I'm very lucky that I get to travel to the French Riviera more than most people - my boyfriend, Max, grew up there and his parents still live there. It is one of my favourite places to travel to in the world; there is so much to do and see. However, if I had to [...] Read More
Málaga travel guide

Postcard from Málaga.

25th June 2017

Last week I took a trip into Málaga for the day with my family for the first time. Málaga is just around an hour away from our house in Spain, so it was on our list of places to visit for a while. It has been a bit of a heat wave in Spain at [...] Read More
citizenm glasgow hotel

24hrs in Glasgow with CitizenM.

15th June 2017

Last week, I went on a little stay-cation in my own city of Glasgow. I was very kindly invited by the lovely people at CitizenM Glasgow to spend a night at their hotel, so it provided the perfect opportunity to spend 24hrs playing tourist in my home-town. As some of you may know, I'm moving to [...] Read More
how to go to the maldives for less, maldives on a budget

How to Book a Trip to the Maldives for Less

13th June 2017

Today I'm going to be talking about how to book a trip to the Maldives for less - because it turns out that it isn't quite as expensive as you might think! My mum and I managed to book our trip for a very good price, so I thought I'd share the tips and tricks that I've [...] Read More