Preparing the home for Christmas.

Christmas decorations: preparing the home for Christmas
Christmas decorations: preparing the home for Christmas

I think my favourite part about the festive season is decorating my home. It honestly makes me so happy to turn on the Christmas tree lights after coming back from work and just being in the cosy environment. So today I thought I’d talk a bit about all the Christmas decorations in our flat this year.

The Tree

We bought our tree last year from Marks and Spencer – it’s actually still available (and half price!). It’s a pre-lit tree, which makes things a lot easier when you’re putting it up. However, this year I decided to add even more lights to it just to make sure it was super sparkly!

Our tree decorations have been collected over the past few years, but our theme is definitely white, silver and red. I’m definitely the type of person who likes a lot of baubles on the tree – I don’t think I could ever do the whole scandi-style thing! Also, a lot of our decorations have memories behind them, so it’s nice to look at them and remember where we bought them.

Festive touches

I also like to add some festive touches to our living room – with cushions, flowers and candles. I think the little extras really add to the overall effect of Christmas decorations and make the room feel much cosier.

This year we have a classic Poinsettia on our coffee table, as well as a huge red robin cushion on our armchair. We’ve also hung up our stockings behind the TV this year – unfortunately we don’t have a fireplace to hang them over! It’s not exactly Pinterest-perfect, but it does look really festive.

I’ve also styled our shelves up to look a bit more festive. I got some Winter-scented candles from Diptyque – the Incense Tears scent from the Christmas range and also Pomander from the core range both of which smell so cosy and inviting! I also added little festive decorations like the little house from Villeroy and Boch. My mum actually got me this last year – it’s quite traditional, but I think it looks really cute and you can actually put a candle in it as well.

The Bedroom

Something that I have to have every Christmas is festive bedding. I just love it – waking up on weekends in December, putting on a Christmas film and snuggling under all the cosy blankets is just my favourite thing!

This year we went for some ski-themed bedding from John Lewis which I absolutely love. I think it will actually be fine to keep on the bed through Winter, because it isn’t too Christmassy. We’ve also added some comfy pom-pom pillows from M&S and the matching red pom-pom throw.

So that was a little peek at my Christmas decorations this year. I’m really happy with how our place turned out – I think it feels really cosy and festive. It honestly brightens up my day so much to come home to all of it!

How do you feel about Christmas decorations? Do you go all out with your decor or do you like the more minimalist look? I’d love for you to let me know!


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