Bedroom Wishlist.

bedroom wishlist, homeware
bedroom wishlist, homeware

As I’ve mentioned like 10000 times, I am moving to London this week (ahhh!). The big move is happening this weekend and I am very excited to finally be starting a new little phase of my life. But with new flats comes new interior design opportunities (at least that’s how I think of it!) and so today I thought I’d share my bedroom wishlist.

Our bedroom in London is quite plain at the moment, so I think we need to get a few things to really spruce it up. Everything is white (apart from the headboard which I hate.. but more on that later) so I want to add very slight touches of colour and gold. I live with my boyfriend, so I do have to keep things quite gender neutral as well.

The images in this post are of my bedroom at my parents house, which is obviously much more feminine. However, one thing I’ve got recently that will be coming with me to London is this fluffy blush pink cushion from ROOI. I’ve been wanting one of these for ages and this is honestly the best one I’ve found! It is the perfect shade of pink and so soft! I also have a lil’ discount code for ROOI if you fancy a gander on their website – 20LYNNSAY for 20% off!

I’m planning on putting the cushion in between some grey and cream cushions on our bed, with some white bedsheets. As I mentioned before, I hate our headboard (which is massive, brown and has a lamp in the middle of it.. yes that’s right, a bloody lamp) so I want to cover it up with lots of pretty bedding until we can find something to replace it. The joys of renting!

I’ve also invested in some new white bedside tables, in the same range as my dressing table and also the tallboy chest of drawers. I love having white furniture and I’m so happy we’ve been able to slowly collect almost a whole set of bedroom furniture. It makes such a difference to a rented place!

I’d love to get some new bedside lamps eventually, as our existing ones are a bit plain. It’ll be a challenge to convince Max that we need new ones though! I’m also going to get us a fluffy rug to peek out from under the bed – I have my eye on this one from Next.

As for decor, I’m wanting to add a few small plants to our room. I love planter pots and also those cute little hanging plant baskets, so I’m hoping to get some of them! I’m also very much looking forward to building up my candle collection again as I actually have none at the moment!

My dressing table is going to get a bit of a spruce as well in the new flat. I’m going to be using it as a dressing table and a desk for doing work at, so it’s going to probably get quite busy (and messy!). But I’m hoping to find some cute but useful storage solutions so that my makeup and my work stuff is all neat and tidy.

So that was everything currently on my bedroom wishlist! I am just really excited to get everything sorted now and to make our new flat very homely. It’s all going to be rather busy as I’m starting a new job the day after I move down, so there won’t be much time for us to unpack. But my goal is to have everything looking and feeling comfortable by September.

Let me know your favourite places to shop for homeware – I’m always looking for new places to browse! There will be lots more interiors posts to come as well over the next few months. I want to do a sort of rented flat before and after video/blog post too, so let me know if that’s something you’d want to see!


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