My Perfume Collection

perfume collection
perfume collection

After posting a few photos of my dressing table over on InstagramI’ve had a few questions about my perfume collection that sits under the mirror. Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few fragrances and so today I thought I’d talk through my perfume collection.

I don’t want to make this boring though – as I realise me trying to describe perfume isn’t going to be the most interesting thing ever. So I’m going to focus on what each scent reminds me of; the places it takes me back to, the people it makes me remember.

I am a little bit fussy about perfume – my usual go-tos are fresh, subtle, floral scents that I can apply liberally without worrying that I smell like a Lush store. I tend to avoid celebrity and designer fragrances as well, because I prefer the scents from dedicated fragrance brands. Basically – I have expensive taste!

Diptque Volutes

I’m going to start off with one of the oldest perfumes in my current collection – I bought this when I worked in Space NK back when I was 17! I know that’s quite a long time to hold onto a perfume, but it still smells exactly the same and the bottle is just too pretty to throw away anyway.

So this reminds me of my first year of University – I bought it when I was 17 going on 18 and was coming into the first stages of ‘adulthood’. It’s quite a sophisticated, sexy scent and isn’t something I’d wear day-to-day now. But at the time, I wore this daily for the aforementioned reasons! It’s a grown-up, gorgeous scent that I think I’ll always own.

Diptyque l’Ombre dans l’Eau

I bought this scent in Cannes, back in 2014. I’d spent that summer in Corsica as an Au Pair, which ended disastrously, and I had to leave and spend the last few weeks of the summer with Max at his home in France. My parents came out for a visit as well and it was on our very last day before leaving for Scotland that I bought this perfume.

This is one of my favourite scents of all time – it’s subtle, fresh and classic. I believe it’s meant to be the perfume version of the famous Diptyque Baies candle, so it has the same sort of rosey, clean scent. I’m actually almost at the end of this bottle, but as soon as it runs out I’ll be repurchasing.

Diptyque Vetyverio

This is the latest addition to my Diptyque collection and I was kindly gifted it at Christmas from my brother. I absolutely love this scent – it’s a bit more herbaceous to me than L’ombre dans L’eau, a more green floral scent. But it’s a gorgeous fresh fragrance that is perfect for wearing everyday.

Chanel No.5 L’eau

When this lighter version of the classic No.5 was released, I knew I had to buy it. I love the original scent, but don’t think I’m quite old enough yet to pull it off, so this seemed like the perfect option in the interim.

I have to day, I don’t wear this as often as I should because I’m normally wearing Diptyque or Jo Malone everyday. But it is a lovely scent – very sophisticated and grown up, without being overwhelming.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

This is the only ‘designer’ fragrance I own, but it’s also probably one of the most expensive as well! Tom Ford scents are beautiful but so pricey. This one smells like a holiday to me, but without any sickly coconut smell that seems to always be in ‘summery’ fragrances.

It’s very citrus and fresh, with notes of lemon and orange blossom. It’s also a unisex scent – so it can be worn by women or men. This perfume actually reminds me of Max a lot now, because he is always using it!

perfume collection

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream

I got this for Christmas this year, but I first smelled it when I met Charlotte Tilbury at an event back in 2016. It was for the launch of the brand in Glasgow, and I was literally so excited to meet her. She has built one of the most successful beauty brands in the last decade and that is something that has to be commended. This scent is quite different from the others in my collection – it’s definitely more of an evening fragrance.

Fragonard Etoile

The Fragonard scents are the gold bottles you can see in the photos above. I received these perfumes from Max’s parents, as they live quite close to where they are made in France. The bottles are gorgeous, but the scents are even better. Etoile is really fresh and a little bit fruity, but still very floral.

Fragonard Frivole

Frivole is quite different to Etoile – it’s more of an evening scent, with deeper notes of patchouli and iris.

Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint

I am a huge fan of Jo Malone, and have had quite a few fragrances over the years from them, but White Jasmine and Mint is one that really stands out for me. I bought this perfume for the first time in Heathrow Airport, when I was on my way to Shanghai to meet Max so we could spend Christmas together. He had been on his semester abroad in Hong Kong, so we hadn’t seen each other for almost 5 months.

This scent literally just takes me back to that time – exploring Shanghai, the backpacking we did in Thailand afterwards. It was such an amazing trip and something I’ll never forget – and this fragrance is what will always remind me of it.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom

This was actually the first ever fragrance I bought from Jo Malone years ago. This is a fresh bottle I bought last summer, when I was travelling to the Maldives with my mum. We had a bit of a stressful trip to the airport that day and when we got to Duty Free the girls at Jo Malone asked us if we wanted hand massages, which came at exactly the right time!

They used this scent in the hand/body wash, body cream and the fragrance to finish off. We ended up buying all three (oops). It’s a very sweet floral scent, it literally does smell like orange blossom. It reminds me a lot of being at my parent’s house in Spain as well, because there are so many orange trees there. It’s perfect for summer and hot, exotic holidays.

Jo Malone English Oak and Red Currant

This is the newest addition to my collection of Jo Malone, which I got for Christmas. I absolutely love this scent and I’d really like to get in candle form actually, so that my home can smell like it too!

This is the perfume I currently reach for on a day-to-day basis, because it’s subtle but still smells so lovely and sophisticated. I can’t really describe what it’s like – it isn’t fruity or overly floral, it’s just so nice. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for a new Jo Malone fragrance.

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So that is my entire perfume collection! I think this is probably one of my longest posts for a while too, I had so many fragrances to talk about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and hopefully found a few new scents that you might like to try. I’ve linked them all in the widget above so you can have a closer look and actually see the real fragrance descriptions. Let me know if any of these are your favourites or if you have any recommendations that you think I’d like – I’m always looking for more perfume to buy!

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