A little Lush haul

When it gets to this time of year I love having cosy, chilled out nights where I light a few candles and watch Netflix in the bath. But what is missing from this image? A Lush bath bomb of course.

I hadn’t been to Lush for quite a long time but after seeing a plethora of hauls on YouTube with all the new Autumn and Halloween releases I simply had to make the trip. As a reference – I’m in Montreal where the first language spoken is French which is why the names of the products are written in French.

First of all I picked up an old favourite which has had a revamp: the Rose Jam bubble bar. This (as the name would suggest) smells like rose and makes the water lovely and silky. It makes less of a mess than a lot of other Lush products so is a no-fuss option.

Next, the cutest of bubble bars: the Sparkly Pumpkin. I used this the other night (which you would see in my upcoming weekly vlog.. SPOILER) and it was so nice. It smells like cinnamon, makes a lot of bubbles and leaves the water shimmery but the glitter doesn’t transfer onto the skin. Which I like as I always have baths before bed and I don’t want my sheets looking like a disco ball.

The green orb at the top of the photo is The Lord of Misrule, a bath bomb apparently inspired by the ruler of the pagan feast of fools. The centre of it is a wine-coloured red and according to the assistant in Lush is entertaining to see in the bath.

The final bath product is Sunny Side, a bubble bar that turns the bath water golden and incredibly shimmery. The assistant demonstrated this in the shop and I have to admit it looked really cool – although I’m sure it will make a huge mess of my bath tub.

Finally I picked up the Eau-Roma toning water – an old favourite that I wanted to pick up again. It is a really great basic toner that doesn’t irritate my skin. I normally use it in the mornings as the fresh rose scent helps me to feel a bit more awake.

Ok, that was a lot to write about bath bombs. But we all love Lush, right? I went in again recently and they had some of the christmas bits but I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything (as much as I wanted to..). I’ll just have to wait until at least November…

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