Louise Young Brushes

Hello again! My blog posts have been a little erratic recently, but I have just got back from being on holiday and gone back to uni so it’s taken me a while to get myself sorted!
Now the subject for today: Louise Young Brushes. Swoon. I was lucky enough to be given these for Christmas (lol I so gave my mum a xmas list, full of beuty products of course) and I fallen in love with them. I have the LY24 Fine Liner Sable Brush, LY31 Angled Brow Sable Brush and LY39 Domed Shadow Brush.
First up, the brushes themselves are beautiful: hourglass shaped handles which are easy to hold, soft, soft hair. As for practicality, I cannot fault them. My favourite is the eyebrow brush – I honestly think it makes my eyebrows look far better than they ever have before. They eyeliner brush is a god send for me as well, as I have tiny eyes which make eyeliner application a nightmare. But with this little beauty, I can actually get a fine enough line that allows me to do the whole ‘cat-eye’ liner look, and not look like I have a squint.
The domed shadow brush is something that has been missing from my brush collection – it’s not as exciting as the other two, but necessary none the less. I bought it simply to apply eyeshadow all over the lid and it does this beautifully.
My verdict? Everyone needs these brushes, or at least to give them a try. The only downside is the price, although they are basically the same price as MAC and in my opinion, they are far superior.


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