Beauty Haul

Oops I did it again. Going from a village to a city for university is having very adverse effects on my back balance!










The boots 3 for 2 deal is still on and it is just such a major enabler for me! I went in for just the cuticle remover and of course walked out with another 2 Essies. I saw that the new Autumn Winter collection was out, so I had a little nosy and picked up these two beauties. The one on the left is called “Don’t Sweater It” (cutest name ever!) its a browny nude colour, kind of like Chinchilly only brown toned instead of grey. Then the showstopper on the right is called “Skirting the Issue” a beautiful dark, vampy bordeaux red. These will be so perfect for Autumn so no regrets! As for the cuticle remover gel… well do I need to really explain this one?

I also purchased another Real Techniques Brush, this time the Powder Brush. I bought it because I just recently got the Laura Mercier setting powder and had nothing to apply it with, and it was on 3 for 2 so not a completely guilty purchase.

Now for the naughty bits. Wow, that sounded bad! I popped into MAC looking for this lipstick, Shy Girl, and also Rebel. But they didn’t have rebel and I was so gutted! But Shy Girl is a gorgeous nude, peachy colour which is really easy to wear. I feel like it is quite an Autumn colour, and if you have dark eyes and hair like me, this lipstick could be for you! I also picked up the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper in Mahogany as my brows are so unruly it is unreal and they needed something to keep them neat and tidy while also giving them a bit of colour. Simples!

Now Lush. I seen that their Christmas line was out and I just had to pop in. I picked up some Snow Fairy – a must have festive item for me! It’s a shower gel that smells of candy and sweetness and just girlyness. I’m not too much of a girly girl but I love this! The star on the stick next to it, is the Snow Fairy Bubble Bar. You run it under the tap when running a bath and you get snow fairy-scented bubbles! And it apparently lasts for up to 10 baths!

As you may have seen in previous posts I do love a good bath, so I was sure to pick up a few of their festive bath bombs. I got the Cinders one – a spicy, cinnamon and clove scented bath bomb that just smells delish. I love spicy scents! I also got the Golden Wonder, which left me covered in golden shimmers, but smells like lemon and just freshness. I have never been so excited to wash in all my life!

So that is all for now! I really shouldn’t be buying any more beauty products for a long while anyway!


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