Zoella Beauty: Sweet Inspirations Collection

Sweet Inspirations

  Ever since Zoella (aka, YouTube’s sweetheart) announced that she was bringing out her new Sweet Inspirations range, I’ve been pretty damn excited. While I’m not one to completely go crazy over blogger/vlogger collaborations, I have to say this one really caught my eye. Zoe is someone I have followed (both on YouTube & her blog) for so many years and I think it’s incredible to see someone from our little online world having such success.

I picked up 4 things from her new sweet-smelling, kind-of French inspired range: Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer, Bath Latte, Sugar Dip Bath Salts Granules and finally the Life Is Sweet make-up pouch. I’ve had these products for a few weeks now, so I’m going to give you a run-down of what I thought of each item so far.

Le Fizz

I think out of all the products in the range, this one had the most attractive packaging. The block of ‘bath fizzer’ is wrapped in pink and gold almost art-deco print paper, which I have to say looks amazing sitting out in the bathroom.

Of course, the packaging is one thing but the product itself is what is important. I do like this product – and at only £5 for the whole bar it does make much more economic sense than buying 4 or 5 Lush bath bombs. However, the bar isn’t coloured in any way and so after it fizzes away in the bath it doesn’t really leave much behind. For those who hate the residue that Lush bombs leave behind, this is the thing for you – but personally I like it when the water changes colour or is visibly different in some way. Other than that, it is a nice product for a good price.

Bath Latte

Isn’t this little milk-bottle SO pretty?! This can be used as a bubble-bath or simply on the skin as a bath/shower milk. I have used it both ways and I’d say I enjoyed it more as a bubble bath as the product does not have an overwhelming scent – I like to use body washes with a scent that will stick around afterwards!

With the pretty packaging aside however, I would say that this is my least favourite of the items I bought. The scent is so subtle that to be honest, I can hardly smell it. As the range is called “Sweet Inspirations” and is supposed to have a macaron-almond type scent, I was expecting a very sweet fragrance. Obviously for those who find things like Soap & Glory scents too overpowering, this is the thing for you but personally I prefer stronger fragrances!

Sugar Dip

I am a big lover of bath salts – which is probably why this is my favourite product in the range. I’m not sure what it is, but I just prefer bath salts to any other bath-enhancing product. In my head it’s something I feel like Carrie Bradshaw would use, so perhaps that where it comes from..

Anyway! The bath salts are a really nice product and something quite different to what is already available from similar priced brands. These also have the strongest scent out of the products I tried and so I feel they are a bit better quality than the other items in the range. Also the little bag of salts is re-sealable, which means you can use them multiple times without the fear of a spillage!

Life is Sweet Pouch

This little pouch would make the perfect gift for someone – especially younger girls! What attracted me to it was that it was small but also flat, so it’s perfect for taking in a clutch bag on a night out.

The colour & the design are really pretty and cute, which is amazing for the price. It is quite shiny & a little plastic-looking though, but as it is a budget product this can only be expected. As a plus this actually would make it easier to clean if you spilled makeup onto it! All round, I think this is a lovely little cosmetic bag and it really fits in with the whole aesthetic of both the range and Zoella herself. If you’re not a fan of the scent of the range but still want something, this is definitely the product to go for!

The Verdict

I think that the range is very pretty – the packaging definitely sold it to me as I had never actually purchased from Zoella’s beauty range before. However I think the products do have a few issues with them, such as the lack of a distinctive scent. Given that the products retail for a very reasonable price, I don’t think this is a huge issue as the look and feel of the products is definitely more luxurious than other brands at the same price point. One thing I really can’t fault Zoella on is her whole brand image – I really like her style & taste in things such as homeware as well. I’m excited to see what other products she brings out in the future, which I’m sure we shall see soon as nothing seems to be stopping her success!

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