Studded: Zara Shoes

So recently, basically everything in Zara is drenched in studs. And if I’m being honest, I love it. I really like the studded trend, I have always been into embellishments and adding something a little bit special into an outfit and I personally think the Zara range does this in a very sophisticated way.

Cue the shoes… These are very different in the sense of when you would wear them, but I have been wearing both non-stop and find them incredibly easy to style.








I love them!! As you can probably see from the photos, they are a bit battered looking already because I’ve wore them quite a lot but I don’t mind that! The studded ankle boots remind me of the famed Chloé boots that are like £500 or something ridiculous like that, only much more statement. They are incredibly comfortable actually, they don’t look it, but they are! I wore these to the Lady Gaga concert in Paris (2 1/2 hours of jumping around and dancing) and my feet were not sore one bit! Success!
The heels make me feel so mature because of the ‘lower’ heel but the studs make it young and fresh looking. I also have no other heels with an ankle strap like this, and I think it makes my ankles look thinner and my legs look better? I like to think so anyway!
Just thought I’d do a little post like this because I like reading other people’s blog posts showing fashion things they’re loving at the moment. Something a bit different, and my first fashion-related post on this blog EVER! I want to do more fashion related posts but my camera isn’t great and also, I am a little nervous about doing OOTD’s because I’m not exactly a model hahaha, but I would like to share my style with you all 🙂

You can find the heels here and the boots here

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