Fall at Bath and Body Works

So I have to say, one of the best things about living in Canada is that I have easy access to that old blogger favourite, Bath and Body Works. Before moving here, the only time I had experienced BBW was in fact in Bangkok, Thailand. There is a store in one of the huge malls there however it was very expensive and the product choice was pretty much limited to just the bath products from their core range and not the candles or seasonal products.

So my first trip was rather exciting. The exterior of the shop was covered in Fall leaves and Autumn colours and the SCENT. Honestly, it’s better than Lush. I went a little crazy on the seasonal scents and picked up blogger favourites such as Leaves, Mahogany Teakwood and Autumn. However, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin has to be my favourite by far. I am obsessed.
In general I have just been loving anything pumpkin scented, flavoured or shaped this Autumn – here in Canada they are everywhere. They really celebrate the Fall here, it’s almost like another festive season.
I picked up the foaming hand wash, 3 wick candle, shower gel & body lotion (not pictured) of this scent. Yeah, a little bit excessive I know… but it just smells so damn good! It isn’t too sweet like some of the other BBW scents and it has a good kick of cinnamon which just makes me feel so cosy. It is the perfect Autumn scent.
Also a side note on the foaming hand soap – this stuff is amazing! The scent actually stays on your hands after you’ve washed them and it doesn’t dry my hands out either. I highly recommend picking up one in any scent – the best hand soap I’ve ever used!
Now I’m just really excited for all the Christmas and Winter releases but I am planning on making another trip beforehand to stock up on my favourite Fall scents.. We can’t get these in the UK so I’m seeing it as an investment!

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