MAC Face & Body Foundation


I really have a thing for foundation. There is just something so fun about experimenting with different finishes, textures, coverage.
MAC Face and Body Foundation is not exactly a new addition to my collection, I actually purchased it back in February for the sole purpose of using it on my body to cover a rather horrific bruise on my leg. Therefore, I got it in a shade that was too dark for my face but which suited my body perfectly: C3.
Due to the nice weather recently (and a few cheeky sunbeds.. don’t judge me too harshly!) my skin has got quite a lot darker and so I gave it a try on my face. I now see why it is so raved about!
It lets the few freckles across my nose peek out while still giving a good coverage where I need it. Basically, you just layer up on the problem areas and it still looks natural. It isn’t the glowiest foundation ever, I’d say it’s in-between matte and dewy.
I’m loving the no make-up look at the moment, the sunny weather just makes me want to go bare-faced!

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