My Coffee Set-Up.

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Today’s post is going to be about one of my favourite subjects: coffee. I basically depend on the stuff on a day-today basis, and it’s also one of my favourite things to take photos of on Instagram, so I thought why not do a whole post on my coffee set-up?

I personally find other people’s coffee set-ups quite intriguing; what machine do they use, do they use beans or ground, where did they get their mugs from… Maybe that is really boring (and frankly, quite sad) to some people, but y’know I just really love coffee.

Coffee Machine.

We invested in a De’Longhi Espresso Machine around a year ago and we absolutely love it. It makes great coffee, we haven’t had any issues with it breaking etc and it has a milk steamer on it which makes heating up the milk so much easier. For me, it’s really important to have the milk steamer attachment. I hate using those milk frothers that are like separate machines – they never heat up the milk enough!

The only downside to this machine is that you have to add the ground coffee into the filter with a little spoon and it can sometimes be a bit messy. My parents have the level up from this machine that grinds the beans itself, so all you have to do is press a button to make your coffee. But that upgrade costs around £200 extra, so I think I can live with a little bit of mess!

Ground Coffee.

As I mentioned before, our coffee machine uses ground coffee. We normally buy our coffee ready-ground from the supermarket, although my brother does like to sometimes buy coffee beans and ground them himself. I have to admit, I’m a bit too lazy for that. The ground coffee tastes just fine to me!

We normally go for a brand like Lavazza or Illy in the supermarket (really, whatever is on offer!). It’s a bit more expensive than buying the supermarket own-brands, but I think it’s worth it for the flavour.


Mugs and cups are something that I’ve become a bit passionate about (I told you, I’m a bit sad). I think drinking out of a nice cup or mug can really change the experience and I also just like to have pretty mugs around the house. However, recently I changed from using mugs for my coffee to using dedicated coffee cups and saucers.

I got my cups from Acme; they make the coffee cups that you’ve likely seen in most independent coffee shops. I got my cups for 45% off the wholesale price, as they are redesigning the cups so they’ve put the old style on sale. I can’t really see much difference between the two, so it is well worth ordering the cups now that they are on sale!

I got the cappuccino cups in green, but I think that they might be sold out now. But the green is available in the other cup sizes, so it’s still worth having a look. I love how the green cups brighten up our mostly-white interiors – it makes me so happy! The cappuccino style is a nice size too; it isn’t too big, isn’t too small.


I don’t always put extra things in my coffee, but when it gets to the Autumn/Winter seasons I do like to add syrup. TK Maxx is great for finding discounted coffee syrups in interesting flavours – they also have a great range of flavoured ground coffee too! Otherwise, I’ve previously bought Monin syrups from Nisbets as there was a store close to my old flat. They do the huge bottles with pumps, which are handy if you take syrup in your coffee everyday!

My favourite flavours are vanilla and hazelnut, although when it gets closer to winter I like gingerbread syrup in my coffee too. It’s much more cost-effective to make a gingerbread latte at home rather than paying £3+ at Starbucks!


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