The Christmas Pyjamas You Need This Year

christmas pyjamas cath kidston festive
christmas pyjamas cath kidston festive

Happy December everyone!! I feel like I have been waiting for such a long time for this month to arrive so that I can start properly talking about all things festive! So to kick things off, today I thought I’d talk all about christmas pyjamas. AKA, my favourite thing in the world.

I am a big Christmas pyjamas fan so every year I normally buy a new pair (or two..) so that I can be optimally festive when I come home in the evenings. However last year, quite tragically, I came home from Canada for Christmas in late December and EVERY SINGLE PAIR of festive pyjamas was sold out.

So this year I was prepared and bought these babies from Cath Kidston back in October just to make sure I didn’t miss out. I’ve been wearing them a lot already and they are so warm!

I also thought I’d make a little edit of all the other Christmas pyjamas I’ve been lusting over this year for you all to check out. Not going to lie, I may or may not buy another few pair…

christmas pyjamas 2016
christmas pyjamas 2016

I have to admit that this year there really aren’t as many festive pyjama sets as I would have thought, so this list took me a long time to make! But hopefully some of you see a few things that you like to make you feel festive and cosy. I also noticed that a lot of the items are currently on sale so have a browse and see if you can find a bargain!

I will be keeping Sartorial Scot updated with lots of Christmas content this year and I am SO excited! Also I am posting multiple times a day on Instagram right now, so follow me here so see all the festive photos. Furthermore, my pinterest is looking pretty wintery right now so have a little look at that here.

Ok, one last piece of self-promo (sorry guys!). But I am doing Vlogmas this year over on my YouTube channel! I’m not doing the daily thing because life right now is mostly a mix of the library and coffee, but I am doing a few cool things in December so I thought I’d film it all. You can find my channel here and it would literally mean the world if you could subscribe. I’m loving making videos right now and every comment I get on them makes me so happy!

Ramble over now! I hope you guys have a lovely start of December and enjoy opening up ALL of the advent calendars.


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