A Technology Detox

Technology Detox, mindfulness, self care
Technology Detox, mindfulness, self care

As part of my resolutions and goals for the New Year (which I have done a little post on, that you can read here) I am trying to cut back on how much I use ‘technology’. I suppose it is a bit of a technology detox, for lack of a better term, but within reason.

It is my final year at University, so most days I am glued to my laptop doing work on my dissertation or other classes. In my spare time, I am doing blogging related work either typing up posts or updating my social media channels. That is a lot of time staring at a screen and myself (and those around me) have noticed this.

While I can’t just completely stop using technology because of my studies and this blog, I am committed to cutting back using it in my real ‘spare time’. This means in the evenings I am trying to avoid using my phone and my laptop and doing other ‘real’ things instead. Therefore, today I thought I’d share what I’m planning on doing with my time and how I am trying to be a bit more mindful (just throwing that buzzword out there!).


It is a classic clichéd resolution to read more, but I really want to spend more of my evenings reading rather than looking at social media. I have been a voracious reader since I was very young but since going to University I haven’t been reading as much, which is a real shame. In order to motivate myself to read more I’m leaving either a book or my kindle beside my bed so that it is there and easily accessible before I go to sleep. I’m also thinking of switching from buying books on my kindle to buying real books again – I prefer holding a real book in my hands and I’d also like to start a collection of all my favourites.


Ok, this is a new one. My mum bought me this knitting kit from Wool And The Gang (coolest brand name EVER, right?!) for Christmas and I am determined to complete it. I learned to knit when I was a kid but I’ve definitely forgotten how to do it now, so I’ll need to get some help to start off but I’m excited to actually make something I can wear! Apparently knitting is the new yoga and is super relaxing, so I’m planning on going full grandma and knitting in bed whilst listening to some music or a podcast in the evenings.


I am so, so guilty of being too lazy to get up and do my skincare routine. I have some really lovely products, so I need to start using them! When I do actually use all my nice skincare products I feel so much better afterwards and I think it is a really great thing to do to relax and just take care of myself a bit. Therefore, I am forcing myself to go and at least cleanse my face properly and use my serums/moisturiser before bed every night. It’s not the big complicated routine that you see on YouTube videos, but my skin is feeling much better for it.

Turning the TV off

This is going to be the hardest one to keep to I think. However, I am really determined that my boyfriend and I spend less time watching Netflix and things on TV. Of course we will still watch our favourite things, but we are trying to keep it to 1 episode a night rather than binge-watching 4 or 5 episodes and getting to bed far too late. Instead, I want to spend time cooking together in the evenings or just talking (imagine that!). I think it will be quite difficult because after a stressful day all you want to do is just chill out and watch TV, but I think it makes you miss out on other things that are, let’s face it, a better use of your time!

So that is how I’m trying to have a bit of a technology detox this year. I am hoping that I can stick to it, although I know that there will be some days that I will just watch continuous episodes on Netflix or spend a bit too much time on Instagram and that’s ok. As long as I can cut down a little bit and get to do other things (like completing knitting my scarf) I’ll be happy.

Are you planning on cutting back on technology this year?


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