22 Good Things

22nd birthday
22nd birthday

It’s my birthday! Seeing as today is my 22nd birthday, I wanted to share something a bit more personal here on my blog to mark the occasion. Since turning 21, I feel like my blog has become a much bigger part of my life which I have been loving! However, a lot of other good stuff has happened in the past year and I thought I’d spread all the positive vibes this morning by telling you 22 good things that have happened since I turned 21.

1. I went on the best, most fun trip ever to Whistler & Banff in Canada with Contiki.

2. I really settled into living in Montréal & completely fell in love with the city.

3.  I passed all of my classes (in French!) at my University in Montréal & was accepted into my Masters programme in Scotland.

4. I went to the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa with my Mum, which is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. 

5. I moved back to Glasgow from Montréal

6. I was reunited with my boyfriend, Max, after over 5 months apart

7. Max and I found a lovely little flat & moved in together! 

8. My family, Max and I went on the most incredible trip to Thailand. Our wild night out in Bangkok will forever be one of my favourite memories!

9. I got surgery on my knee, 6 months after my injury, which has now almost fully recovered!

10. I was reunited with all of my friends after spending a year apart on our semesters abroad.

11. I gave my blog a redesign and started to post far more regularly! 

12. I changed my name across all social media to ‘sartorialscot’, which actually took a bit of courage for me! 

13. I visited my parent’s home in Spain for the first time and it was so lovely, even if it was just for 4 days!

14. I started to get really into Instagram and even decided to do my entire dissertation on fashion bloggers on Instagram!

15. I went to the Enchanted Forest with Max in October and it was the most perfect, magical Autumnal experience! 

16. I met Charlotte Tilbury! She is a woman I totally admire, so even spending 5 mins with her was so inspiring!

17. I went to the Scottish Baftas with my brother and my friend Grant. I felt like a total nobody, but it was so much fun! I mean, who doesn’t want to make awkward eye contact with James McAvoy?

18. Max and I had our first Christmas living together – including getting our very first Christmas Tree!

19. I started to get back into the gym after my knee injury/surgery! 

20. I got to write a little article on my Body Confidence blog post for a student magazine, to be printed in March!! 

21. I HANDED IN MY DISSERTATION. OMG. Still not over this. 

22. I woke up to birthday decorations & pancakes in bed from my boyfriend this morning. I am feeling so happy and grateful for everything and everyone in my life!

There have been so many other amazing things that have happened in the past year, but these have definitely been some of my favourites! Now I am going to spend this morning chilling out with Max before meeting up with my Mum for a spa day later on this afternoon! Could you really get a better 22nd birthday?


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