The Alternative Christmas Gift Guide.

Alternative Christmas gift guide
Alternative Christmas gift guide

When I was thinking about creating a Christmas gift guide this year, I wanted to do something a bit different. When it comes to gift giving, I always like to think of ideas that are a bit out of the ordinary. I can’t profess to being the most creative person ever, but I try to avoid those ‘easy’ gifts that seem to be over-promoted during the festive season.

Don’t get me wrong – I do like a good gift set. But I think it’s nice to get a bit more personal and think of things that people would truly not buy themselves. So that is why I’ve collated together a little edit of alternative Christmas gifts – they are still lovely gifts that most people would love, but they aren’t the usual things you’d think of!

For the one who loves a drink

While buying a bottle of wine can seem like a bit of an easy gift (you know the drill – grab a bottle of bubbly and stick it in a gift bag) I think that there are a lot of great ideas for people who do like a drink. I have to say I’m included in this category – there’s nothing I love more than a glass of wine in front of the TV after a day of work.

For any gin lovers out there the Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liquor is a great option – it’s perfect in cocktails, added to fizz or with tonic. It also comes in a rather pretty bottle (that’s what’s important, right?). Alternatively, if you know a wine-lover, these art-nouveau style wine glasses are so beautiful.

If you know someone who loves coffee (as well as alcohol!) then the Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur is perfect. It’s great in espresso martinis or added in hot chocolate for an extra kick.

For the one who likes to stay at home

You know who I mean – the person who would take a night in their pyjamas in front of Netflix over a night out on the tiles every time (I’m included in this category!). I think someone who likes staying at home a lot would really appreciate a gift that enhances their home environment.

I have this wire wall grid from Urban Outfitters and always get so many compliments on it! I think it’d be a lovely gift idea – you could even include some cute photos or prints for them to hang up on it.

This beautiful dressing gown is also a great choice for anyone who lives in their pyjamas! It’s a bit fancier than your usual fluffy dressing gown, so it’s sure to make the stay at home gal feel much more glamorous while watching Netflix!

For the one who needs some ‘hygge’ in their life

Yes, I’m bringing back that old blogger buzzword! But I am thinking of those people who are perhaps a bit stressed out or very busy and so could use a bit of hygge in their life.

A staple gift in my opinion is the White Company cashmere bed socks. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to receive them! Another lovely idea is a knit-it-yourself kit, like this one from Wool and the Gang. Knitting is meant to be very relaxing, so if you know someone who is a bit stressed out, it could be the perfect gift. They’ll also get to learn a new skill and get a cosy hat at the end of it – what’s not to love?

If you know someone with a record player, then I think a vinyl is a really lovely gift. I’ve selected the La La Land album below, because it’s a nice one to have on in the background (it’s also one of my favourite films!) but of course, choose something they will like!

For the one who is always travelling

If you know someone who never seems to be at home – whether it’s because of work or wanderlust – then I think it’s a really nice idea to get something that will make their travels a little easier. For example, this cosmetics organiser from Cath Kidston. It looks like it would fit a lot of stuff and it’s pretty!

As for something a bit more personal, I love the idea of this personalised travel scrapbook. If you know someone who is about to go on a trip, or have just come back from one, it would be the perfect gift.

So that was my Christmas gift guide for 2017! I’ve really tried to think of gifts that are a little bit different, but still suitable for a lot of people. I hope that the resulting edit fits that description!

I’ve finished my Christmas shopping now, but I still have to do all of the wrapping and writing of Christmas cards etc… I’m actually going to be filming everything I get up to over the next month for Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel, so if you’d like to see me wearing a lot of Christmas jumpers while doing festive things around London then please do go over and subscribe!


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