Finding the Perfect Gift with Orelia Jewellery

Orelia jewellery gift. christmas gifts for her
Orelia jewellery gift. christmas gifts for her

Finding the perfect gift

By far, my favourite part of Christmas is giving my very favourite people in the world lovely gifts. I am quite a meticulous gift planner; I think about what I’m going to buy people sometimes months in advance. My criteria is quite simple: it has to be something that the person will love. Therefore, when the lovely Orelia Jewellery contacted me asking me to choose one of their gorgeous pieces for one of my loved ones this year, I was absolutely over the moon.

Orelia jewellery gift christmas. gifts for her

The Clean V Necklace

After perusing the Orelia website I decided upon the Clean V Necklace in Sterling Silver to give to one of my friends. I know she reads my blog, so I don’t want to reveal who it is! However, I will reveal that her style is very classic and she always has the most amazing accessories. Also, she is very much into dainty and simple jewellery so this was the perfect option for her!

I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the necklace when it arrived. It’s so delicate and feels much more expensive than it actually was. I think it’s the type of thing that she could wear every single day, which I think is a really nice touch for a gift. I know that the jewellery I have been given by my loved ones are the pieces that I wear every day and looking at them always make me feel sentimental!

I cannot wait to package this necklace up all nicely for my friend and see her reaction when I give it to her. Thinking about how much she is going to love it makes me so happy! And that really is the best feeling in the world isn’t it?

Orelia have so many other options for gifts this year, so do have a little browse around their website here. I have been a fan of their jewellery for such a long time – everything is so gorgeous but also very reasonably priced!

Let me know how you’re getting on with your Christmas shopping – I am now ALL DONE! However I am missing going shopping for gifts when it is actually all festive in the shops, but I guess that is the price to pay for being organised!


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