Blogging in 2016

Long time no see, right?

I have taken a rather larger than anticipated break from my blog recently. A whole month to be exact. All I can really say in the form of an excuse is that I wanted to enjoy my time off at Christmas without worrying about taking pretty photos and also that I went back to Canada again. To be perfectly honest I just didn’t want to blog.
I feel like I needed to get to the point where I missed blogging and that is where I’m at just now. I do have a lot of lovely travel content prepared (as I’m not staying in the one place for more than 3 weeks until like September) but I just wanted to take some time out and really think about where I want my blog to go.
I’ve decided to really centre my blog on travel mostly as I feel that is a constant in my life and not something that I ever get tired of talking about. Then I’m going to throw into the mix that much loved blogger word lifestyle and of course some beauty content too.
One of the most exciting updates for Sartorial Scot in 2016 is that there is going to be a major makeover happening very soon. And I can’t wait. That is part of the reason I have been waiting to post as I’ve wanted to have my lovely new blog design (which is going to change the way that I write posts quite a bit). But anyway, that is taking longer than planned so I’m going to just get typing away.
So. Travel, lifestyle and some rambles about beauty products. That sound good to you?

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