In defence of being a 21 year old grandma.

staying home - 21 year old grandma
staying home - 21 year old grandma

You may be able to tell from my Instagram that I like a cosy set up. The majority of my photos feature blankets, coffee and candles – because that is what my life mostly consists of! I am a self-confessed 21 (almost 22) year old grandma. Staying home and living that hygge life is what I do best and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I haven’t always been like this – when I first went to university I was out partying multiple times a week, had a terrible sleeping pattern and the majority of my wardrobe consisted of tight ‘night out’ dresses rather than loungewear. But over the past few years I have begun to see the benefits of a slower paced life.

staying home, 21 year old grandma

I am quite often made fun of by my friends for going to bed so early and being such a homebody. But, I am using this blog post as an opportunity to defend myself and put forward my argument for why staying home is best.

First of all, hygge is totally trendy right now. I think staying home is the new going out – all I see on social media is people talking about the cosy, relaxing Danish lifestyle. I think there is a bit more of a movement towards staying in and appreciating life’s small pleasures and I have been totally on board with it.

I think this is partly due to the fact I’ve moved in with my boyfriend and now my flat is a proper home. We’ve invested in some nice homeware pieces that make our surroundings cosy, comfortable and also totally our own. So why shouldn’t I stay at home to enjoy them?

staying home, hygge, 21 year old grandma

Now don’t get me wrong – I do still go out! However, nowadays I prefer spending weekends getting out to see my city and trying new places to eat. I also love just going over to other people’s houses for a drink on the weekends – the alcohol quality is always better and you can actually talk to people! Clubbing is definitely reserved for more special occasions for me now.

I personally think that living a slower paced ‘hygge’ lifestyle has allowed me to gain more balance in my life. My sleeping pattern is pretty solid now, I’m saving more money and I am just happier in general. Especially because I am so busy and stressed a lot of the time due to being in the final year of my masters degree, having this balance is so beneficial.

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So yeah, I’m a 21 year old grandma and proud. Next week is my birthday so I am actually going to be going out for some drinks & even to a club afterwards (OMG!) but I am looking forward to it. Grandma has to get out the house sometimes! I’d love to hear your thoughts on staying in – are you a grandma like me or a party animal?


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