a trip to lush

After the stress of my exams, I needed some serious r+r time. It had been a while since I’d visited Lush and I was well overdue an extravagant multi-coloured bath.

After what had been the worst exam period of my life so far (woe is me) I felt that I could start treating myself again and it really had been a long time since I’d bought anything from lush. I missed most of the Christmas fun – a sole melted snowman was bought out of all the magical things I could have got. Therefore, this little trip was especially fun.



I went for a few old favourites – the Love Lettuce mask has long been a favourite of mine and is the best fresh face mask from Lush in my opinion. It’s exfoliating without stripping the skin and it great for acne prone/oily skin too. For bath bombs I was a little overwhelmed in the store because it was so busy – so I went for the old but good Ickle Baby Bot, Sakura and Dragon’s Egg. Finally, I picked up the Peal massage bar. I love massage bars – you can use them in the bath/shower and are such a fuss free way to use an oil based moisturiser.
A small trip, but very satisfying. I now wish it was a holiday of some sort so that I can get my hands on something limited edition and special. I guess I’ll just have to wait until Christmas…

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