Diptyque Volutes

Ahhh, Diptyque. How I love your simple, chic French-ness. Today’s rave: Volutes EDT.

I’ve mentioned before that I worked at Space NK over Christmas – so whenever I was working I would always float over to the Diptyque display and douse myself in this stuff. It is beautiful – sophisticated, soft, feminine and somewhat sexy (I think..). The packaging is lovely too. It is quite a heavy glass bottle with amazing black and white illustrations on the label, along with the classic Diptyque branding.

I bought the big bottle – 100ml – as I love it so much. I urge you to go into your nearest Space NK and smell this! At first, I wasn’t too sure as it is so different to what I usually wear. But then it sticks to your scarf and a few days later you get a whiff of it… and then it is hook, line, sinker.

I must say, my taste in fragrance is dramatically changing. Last year, all I wore was Miss Dior Cherie, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Dior J’adore EDT. I still love all of those scents, but now I’m just into more mature perfumes. Maybe I’m just going through a phase…


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