changing relationship with beauty products

My changing relationship with beauty products.

29th November 2017

From a young age, I've been obsessed with beauty products. I remember watching my mum buy from Estée Lauder and Clinique as a child and being entranced by all the glamour of the beauty counters. I remember being allowed to buy my first ever foundation from Bobbi Brown when I was 13. I remember scanning [...] Read More
autumn makeup updates - how i'm changing up my makeup this fall

Autumn Makeup Updates.

4th October 2017

You might be able to tell from my Instagram, Twitter and even my October Goals post that I really like Autumn. It's my favourite season, so I try to incorporate 'Autumnalness' into as many aspects of my life as possible! I've been changing up the beauty products I use over the past few weeks, so today I thought [...] Read More
spring beauty wish list

Spring Beauty Wish List

30th April 2017

You may have seen that I've had a bit of a makeup clear-out (I wrote a post on it here!) and I've let go of a lot of old beauty products. While the purge of old products has felt good, I am itching to add a few new bits to my collection. So today I [...] Read More
spring cleaning makeup collection

Spring Cleaning My Makeup Collection

25th April 2017

Today's post is kicking off a little mini-series about spring cleaning - starting off with my makeup collection! I've been feeling like our flat (and my life, lol) is too full of clutter, so I'm itching to have a huge clear out before we move down to London! I'm starting off with my makeup, because [...] Read More
spring beauty update

Spring Beauty Update

3rd April 2017

Now that we are getting right into Spring, I've been switching up the products I've been using. I always like to change my beauty routine seasonally and Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons. So today I thought I'd tell you about the Spring beauty products I've been using! When I think of Spring, [...] Read More
makeup favourites 2017. charlotte tilbury, tarte, anatasia, maybelline

My Current Makeup Favourites

8th January 2017

It's been a while since I talked about beauty here on my blog, which feels a bit strange really! When I started blogging I basically talked exclusively about beauty products, but now I feel like my content has shifted towards more fashion and lifestyle content. However, I'd like to still talk about beauty every now [...] Read More
charlotte tilbury dreamy look review

I met Charlotte Tilbury! + a haul

8th November 2016

Meeting Charlotte Tilbury Last week I was lucky enough to go to an event at House of Fraser in Glasgow to meet the one and only Charlotte Tilbury! As someone who has had a love for makeup for a really long time, meeting someone who has had such an incredible career and has built a [...] Read More

Sephora haul + first impressions

25th April 2016

Sephora recently had their bi-annual sale for members of their VIB loyalty scheme - giving 15% off everything in the store. I had known this little sale was coming and so I bided my time to make an order from their website so that I could get the best deal! As you can see from [...] Read More

Weekly Roundup #1

6th December 2015

  A little summary of my week in pictures.. I thought I’d start this as a little series on my blog to go up every Sunday with the pictures I’ve posted on Instagram every week and just a little round up of what I got up to. If you are really nosy you can check […]

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