Autumn Makeup Updates.

autumn makeup updates - how i'm changing up my makeup this fall
autumn makeup updates - how i'm changing up my makeup this fall

You might be able to tell from my Instagram, Twitter and even my October Goals post that I really like Autumn. It’s my favourite season, so I try to incorporate ‘Autumnalness’ into as many aspects of my life as possible! I’ve been changing up the beauty products I use over the past few weeks, so today I thought I’d share the Autumn makeup updates that I’ve been making for the new season.

Over the past few months I’ve had a bit of a ‘no beauty spend’ rule – between living in London (aka, having 0 money) and also having a rather substantial stash as it is, I’ve only been buying the most essential beauty products. Mascara and concealer when it runs out, for example. So unfortunately there aren’t any shiny new releases here, but all of these products are items that I absolutely love and have done for a long time.


I am definitely a dewy-skin kinda gal when it comes to foundations, but as the months get cooler I do like wearing something a bit more heavy-duty and matte. Now, we’re not talking Double Wear or anything here, just something that has more staying power and gives a bit less of a sheen to the skin.

What I’ve been using a lot over the last few weeks is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. It’s still a light foundation, but it isn’t as dewy as my other more summery bases. I’d say the coverage is medium – it definitely covers everything that needs to be covered, but doesn’t give the skin that cakey look.

Another base product I’ve been using a lot more now that we’re into the Autumn is blush – nude blush to be exact. One of my all time favourites is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, the perfect pinky-earthy-nude colour. I just love how subtle it is, but it still gives your complexion a bit of a lift.


One thing I’ve been really enjoying using the past few weeks is eyeshadow – specifically, warm-toned eyeshadow. For most of the summer I’ve only been using cream eyeshadow sticks (or nothing at all!) with mascara, but now we’re into Autumn I am so ready for all the pretty Autumnal eyeshadow shades.

A re-discovery from my stash was the BECCA Ombre Rouge palette, which is about as Autumnal as you can get in an eyeshadow palette. The shades are all pinky-brown warm tones, which I think go perfectly with my (very dark) brown eyes. They blend so beautifully as well – I can’t believe I’d forgotten how much I loved this palette!

Another re-discovery has been the CHANEL Illusion d’Ombre in Rouge Noir. This was a limited edition item from last year and so is unfortunately no longer available! But they do have some other beautiful shades in the range – Pourpre Profond is a bit similar. I feel like this is the Autumn update to my Summer cream eyeshadow obsession – perfect for days I don’t have time for eyeshadow, but still has that Autumnal feel!

Another product I’ve been using a lot more of is liquid eyeliner – I always seem to gravitate towards feline-flicks as the weather gets colder! My holy-grail eyeliner is, and probably always will be, the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. My lord, this thing is expensive, but it is just so good that I can’t use anything else. This one has also lasted me almost 2 years now (I know I should probably not use it when it’s this old, but hey I don’t care as long as it doesn’t make my eyes blow up!).


I feel like berry lipsticks are synonymous with Autumn makeup – when it hits September, everyone seems to break out the Rimmel 107! But the lipsticks I’ve been reaching for recently are a bit more subtle. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bold berry lip as much as the next beauty blogger, but they aren’t exactly appropriate for everyday. So I like to go for something in-between.

My favourite ‘a bit berry, a bit nude’ lipstick is the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Secret Salma. It’s definitely got the berry tone in it, but is subtle enough to wear to work/during the day without worrying too much about it getting on your teeth.


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