Spring Cleaning My Makeup Collection

spring cleaning makeup collection
spring cleaning makeup collection

Today’s post is kicking off a little mini-series about spring cleaning – starting off with my makeup collection! I’ve been feeling like our flat (and my life, lol) is too full of clutter, so I’m itching to have a huge clear out before we move down to London! I’m starting off with my makeup, because it’s a bit of a smaller job than tackling my wardrobe. But a wardrobe clear-out post and video will be coming soon!

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of people within the blogging community purging their makeup and clothing collections. I have to admit, this is what has inspired me to have a big clear-out of my own possessions. I’ve been binge watching clear-out videos on YouTube for the past few weeks, so now I feel ready to tackle my own collection!

My makeup collection is definitely larger than the average persons, but it isn’t absolutely huge. All of my makeup takes up 3 drawers in my dressing table (rather untidily). That being said, a lot of the products I have were bought literally years ago but I’ve not been able to part with them.

Today I thought I’d discuss the things that I am getting rid of and what I’m definitely going to keep. Then in a few weeks time I think I might share my newly streamlined makeup collection in a video, as part of a dressing table tour. How does that sound?


  • Liquid lipsticks. I have now got quite a collection of these things, but if I’m being entirely honest I just don’t like them. They dry out my lips too much and I’m just not into the whole super matte lip thing. The only ones I’ll be keeping are the Sephora Cream Lip Stains, because the formula isn’t drying at all and they last all day!
  • All those foundations I never use. I have way too many foundations and tinted moisturisers that I just never use! Normally it is because the shade is too dark, as my skin last year was a lot more tanned than it is now (oh, how I miss the constant travel of my year abroad). The thing is, these foundations have gathered dust for so long now they have likely gone off so I can’t even use them this summer. So it’s time to say goodbye!
  • Mascaras that are not L’Oreal Telescopic. If you watch my YouTube videos (link here!), you’ll know that my holy grail mascara is L’Oreal Telescopic. I buy around 3 tubes at a time, because I love it so much and know that nothing else compares to it. Despite this, I seem to have accrued quite a few mascaras in my collection that I just never use. So during this Spring cleaning, they are going!
  • Single pot eyeshadows. For the past few months I haven’t really been wearing proper eyeshadow very much – I swipe on a bit of cream eyeshadow and that’s it! But when I do make more of an effort, I only ever reach for my eyeshadow palettes. All of the single pot eyeshadows (normally in more ‘out-there’ colours like sparkly black) get neglected. So I think it’s time I got rid of them!


  • (Almost) everything by Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury is by far my favourite makeup brand at the moment and I use all of my products by her religiously. Apart from one – the full fat lashes mascara. Other than that, all of the pretty rose gold packaging is going to continue to be a staple in my makeup collection.
  • Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. I have had the original naked palette since I was in my final year of high school (a whole 6 years ago, O M G), but I just can’t let go of it. For one, the colour selection is still one of the best that you can find in a palette. But sentimentally, it kind of represents the beginning of my obsession with beauty and blogging and YouTube. It was the first thing I bought that was inspired by the beauty community, so it has to stay!
  • Chanel Lipsticks. I have 3 Chanel lipsticks that I’ve bought over the past few years. I know people will say that I shouldn’t keep things that are old, but I just tell myself that it doesn’t count with lipstick! The packaging is so, so beautiful and they just look so sleek! The colours I have are really wearable shades that I can see myself using for a really long time, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let these go!
  • Most of my palettes. I’m going to be honest, it’ll be hard for me to part with the palettes I’ve bought over the years. I don’t own a huge amount and the ones I have I do really love. Where I think I could cut down is possibly my eyeshadow palettes – a have a few old NARS ones that are probably really dry by now. But the highlighter, blush & contour palettes are all staying for the foreseeable future!

So that was a little introduction to the spring cleaning of my makeup collection! It sounds silly, but I know it’s going to be hard to let go of some of these things. A lot of the items were expensive or they are just really pretty, so it hurts a little to get rid of them! But I know it’ll be better in the long-run to live with less clutter.

The only thing that comforts me is that I am going to treat myself to some new beauty purchases in a few weeks time! I’m not going to go mental and just replace everything I got rid of though, so don’t worry. I’m going to be shopping a lot smarter so that I only buy the things that I really need. Check me out being all responsible!


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