My Autumn Plans.

autumn plans
autumn plans

Here I am again, talking about Autumn. Apologies if you aren’t a fan of this season, but as I’ve mentioned before this is my favourite time of year. In fact, I am trying to make the most of these months by planning some activities that will help me get into the spirit of things. So today I thought I’d share my Autumn plans!

It may be because Autumn is my favourite season, but I always feel like this time of the year goes the fastest. As soon as the summer is done, it feels like we zoom towards Halloween and then all of a sudden it’s Christmas! So this year, I really want to embrace Autumn fully and make the most of it before things start to get festive.

Pick pumpkins/go apple picking

This is such a basic thing to want to do, but nevertheless I want to do it. I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch before and I’d love to actually pick out our pumpkins from an actual farm this year rather than the supermarket.

Similarly, I’ve never been apple picking before. But I think it would be such a lovely Autumnal activity and you’d get to eat/cook the apples afterwards! I’m currently looking into places that I can do both of these things near London, but if you have any recommendations then I’d love to know!


While some people may plan to go out on Halloween, that isn’t my sort of thing anymore (AKA, I’m a grandma). However, my plans this year for All Hallow’s Eve are rather exciting to me.

We’re planning on buying the spooky version of Colin the Caterpillar from M&S (called Count Colin btw), getting lots of Halloween themed snacks, opening a bottle of wine and watching lots of horror films. With all the candles and pumpkin lanterns lit, of course. Honestly, I can’t wait to do this!

Enchanted Woodland

We’ve booked tickets to the Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park in November – it’s basically a very similar thing to the Enchanted Forest up in Pitlochry in Scotland, which I wrote a post about last year. We enjoyed going to that event so much that when we seen that London had a similar version we snapped up tickets.

I’m excited to put on my wellies, hat and scarf and wander around the park to see all the light installations. Probably with a mulled wine in hand too! It sounds like it’s going to be quite a magical and Autumnal activity – I can’t wait!

Establish a ‘local’

So contrary to my whole ‘grandma’ complex, I actually do really like a trip to a pub. To be specific – cosy, cute pubs with comforting food and a great wine list. We have been visiting some very nice pubs here in London recently and there are quite a few good ones close to where we live but we haven’t quite yet established what our ‘local’ is.

So it is my aim this Autumn to visit the cute, cosy pubs in our area and find what one is our favourite. Then my plan is to go for post-work drinks, Sunday roasts and pub quizzes as much as we can. It seems like a cosy, Autumnal thing to do – plus it will get me away from my pjs/bed/candles every evening and weekend!

autumn plans
autumn plans

So those are some of my Autumn plans – I hope it’s given some of you some inspiration for things to do this season! I’d love to know what your plans are this Autumn, so please do let me know. I’m always looking for more ideas!


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