What I Wore to my Graduation Ball

graduation ball outfit, grad ball dress, what to wear to a grad ball
graduation ball outfit, grad ball dress

Today I’m going to be chatting to you all about what I wore to my Graduation Ball. The dress I decided upon was in fact the 6th dress that I had ordered for this event (yes that’s right, the bloody 6th). However, I am so completely in love with it that I really wanted to do a full post about it here!

Now, I am going to say that these pictures aren’t up to my usual standards. It, of course, poured of rain the entire day of my grad ball so there were no opportunities for pretty pictures outside with my 45mm lens. Unfortunately, it’s just the classic shot-by-my-mum beside the stairs photos that are available from the entire night. But these things happen and I just have to shut up that pedantic blogger control freak within me!

I also wanted to say that I made a video of me getting ready for the big event – which you can watch here!

graduation ball outfit, grad ball dress
graduation ball outfit, grad ball dress, what to wear to a grad ball

The Dress

I bought my dress from Coast just before I went on holiday to the Maldives and I am so in love with it. You can find it on the Coast website here but quite a few sizes are now sold-out, so you can also find it online here and here! It was actually a really comfortable dress to wear and I think it looks quite flattering, so if you have a special event coming up I’d definitely recommend it!

I am actually so excited to wear it again (hopefully I’ll find another special occasion!) because I love it so much. It gives me SJP wearing Oscar de la Renta at the Met gala vibes and also a bit of Audrey Hepburn at the races in My Fair Lady (for the monochrome colours).

graduation ball outfit, grad ball dress
graduation ball outfit, grad ball dress

The Accessories

I really wanted a stand-out pair of shoes for my graduation ball and I think I found the perfect ones in these Ted Baker beauties (which are now on sale!!). They were actually pretty comfortable until I started dancing like a maniac after a few glasses of wine, so I’m very happy with my choice. As for my bag, I went for a classic clutch bag from Coast (mine is now sold out, but it is available in all black here) which was a nice size for an event like this.

As for my ‘glam’ for the night, I had my nails done in a local salon called Beautique and they are absolutely amazing for shellac nails. If you are in the Inverclyde/Renfrewshire area, I’d definitely recommend them! I got my hair done in Salon Amy in Greenock by my hairdresser Stephanie who has been doing my hair since I was about 10 or 11! She is so experienced and just amazing – I knew that I wouldn’t walk out with a Real Housewives style barnet!

So that was the run down of my graduation ball outfit! Check out my get ready with me video if you want to see my makeup and everything like that too. I’m still quite disappointed that I didn’t get the photos that I wanted to (damn you rain!!) but hopefully this post was still quite interesting for you.

I will now be resuming my Maldives content, so you’ll be seeing a new post about that on Friday. In the meantime, why not have a little look of my review of our hotel – Velassaru Maldives.


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