Getting faux-glow with Skinny Tan

skinny tan review - fake tan, summer beauty essentials
skinny tan review - fake tan, summer beauty essentials

I have to admit, I’m not normally a fan of fake-tan. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to body care and to be honest with you, most of the time I’m A-Ok with being pale. However, as we get closer to summer and the bare legs come out, I am more likely to give myself a bit of faux-glow. So when Skinny Tan very kindly sent me their Dark Lotion to review, I was excited to give it a try.

skinny tan review

I’m just going to throw it out there and say that this is one of the best fake tans I’ve ever tried. I was a bit nervous about posting a photo of my bare legs (knee surgery does not leave your pins looking cute, let me tell ya) but I really wanted to show how the colour turns out. I think it looks really nice and actually very close to what my skin looks like when it is naturally tanned.

However, I think my favourite thing about this tan is the application process. It was so easy and quick, which is the #1 thing I look for in a bodycare product. The tan is sort of a gel-like formula, which sinks in so quickly and actually dries. It dries in genuinely like 10-20 seconds. There’s no awkward waiting in the bathroom with sticky skin situation here!

I applied the tan with a foam mitt and it worked like a dream. After applying, I just put on my pyjamas and went to bed to allow it to develop. I went in a shower when I woke up, not using any shower gel or anything, to wash off the excess product. One thing I will say is that the tan did transfer onto my pyjamas, but I made sure I wore old ones so that didn’t really bother me too much!

The end result was a very nice, even tan. I do have the dark lotion, so this shade might not be ideal if you don’t like quite a deep tan. But if you are naturally sallow-skinned like me or any darker, this is the one for you. It actually left my skin feeling really soft and now my skin feels a lot smoother too!

As for the ‘skinny’ properties, I’m not so sure on that one. Like I said, my skin is definitely softer and smoother but I’m not sure that it has made me look more toned. Maybe with continued use I’ll see more results? But regardless, I really like the product for tanning my skin so I’m not too bothered about its slimming abilities!

So that was my review of Skinny Tan! An all round success, if you ask me. Skinny Tan is available to buy from Superdrug and they have quite a wide selection of tanning products. There is gradual tan, mousse, 1 hour tan… something for everyone!

Let me know if you’ve tried out Skinny Tan before and what you think of it! I am definitely going more towards self-tanning nowadays and avoiding tanning in the sun. I’m at that age when I am terrified of starting to get wrinkles and the sun is worst aggravator of them. So you’ll find me sitting under an umbrella for most of this summer!


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