My Spanish Bedroom Tour

spanish bedroom, interiors, white interiors, pink chair
spanish bedroom, interiors, white interiors, pink chair

I’m still on holiday at my parent’s house in Spain at the moment, so I thought I’d share a little interiors post from here. I posted a picture on Instagram of my bedroom here and it seemed to go down quite well! So I thought I’d do a little tour of my Spanish bedroom today, as it’s quite different from my interiors style at home!

I have to give credit to my lovely Mama, who of course did all the hard work putting my bedroom together. When my parents bought the house, we would talk on FaceTime about what we wanted to do with the room and the different ideas we had for it. We both wanted to create a more girly and colourful room than the rest of the house. Our inspiration was sort of Moroccan/bohemian style, with lots of colour, pattern and metallic touches.

spanish bedroom interiors
spanish bedroom interiors style
spanish bedroom interiors white colour

This gorgeous bedding and rug are both from Zara Home. In fact, most of the decor in the room is from Zara Home! We are in Spain, after all. Most of the items are now out of stock as they were bought last year, but I’ve linked any I’ve found and similar items down in the product widget down below!

One thing my mum and I both wanted was to have the room mostly white with just a few pops of colour. At first, the plan was to just have the bright blue/turquoise as the accent colour. But I convinced my mum that a flash of bright pink would look amazing in contrast to the white and blue! And so, the pink chairs were added in. All of the men in our family (and Max especially!) hate them, but we absolutely love them!

spanish bedroom pink chair interiors

One of my favourite parts of my Spanish bedroom is the dressing table. My mum has added in some nice Moroccan-inspired details with the gold tray and little trinkets, which I love! I also love that the mirror is hung on the wall, I think I’ll have to get a wall hanging mirror for my dressing table at home eventually!

The whole room is very feminine, which is nice to have after moving in with a boy! I know that Max would never let me have a hot pink chair in our bedroom, so it’s nice to live out my girly interior dreams through this room in Spain!

spanish bedroom dressing table
spanish bedroom dressing table

So that was the little tour of my Spanish bedroom! I’ve been having such a lovely time out here – the way of life in the South of Spain is so much more relaxed than back home. I have a busy few months ahead of me, so I’m making the most of the tranquility while I can!

If you’d like to have a nosy at what I’ve been getting up to in Spain, check out my Instagram (link here!).


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