Why I think Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are worth the money

charlotte tilbury lipsticks worth the money
charlotte tilbury lipsticks worth the money

Today I’m talking about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Or, rather, waxing lyrical about them. I am a huge fan of the entire Charlotte Tilbury makeup line, but I think my favourite products are the lipsticks. They don’t come cheap at £24 a pop, but I personally think they are 100% worth the money and I’m going to tell you why!

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My First Purchase 

My first ever Charlotte Tilbury lipstick purchase was Bitch Perfect. First of all, the name. It is the best name for a lipstick ever, in my opinion. It is also the loveliest nude shade and one that I reach for on the daily. It is part of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection, which is basically a standard lipstick formula. It isn’t shiny, it isn’t matte, it is just a lovely creamy formulation. The other formulation is Matte Revolution, which as the name suggests is matte! The Hot Lips  collection uses this same matte formula too.


What I love about the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is that whether it’s the matte formula or not, they feel so nice and comfortable on the lips. After the beauty industry being obsessed with insanely drying liquid lipsticks for so long, I have come to really appreciate smooth and creamy lipsticks. I’d rather just apply my lipstick again during the day than have lips devoid of hydration!

Shade Selection 

One of my favourite things about the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is the variety of colours on offer. I normally find that I like maybe 1 or 2 shades in a brand’s lipstick collection (maybe with the exception of MAC…) but I love and would wear almost every single CT shade.

I am a big nude/pink lip fan, so the majority of my collection are very wearable shades. However, the Red Carpet Red shade is also a favourite of mine because it is the most perfect classic red! Next on my list is another bright shade – perhaps Coachella Coral which I think will be the perfect summer shade!


Now, you can’t talk about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and not mention the packaging. Of course the product itself is more important, but I do think that when it comes to lipstick everyone does like some sleek packaging.

All of the CT lipsticks come in rose gold, beautiful bullets. However, one of my favourite things is that they are actually quite light for a luxury lipstick! My Chanel lipsticks I’ve bought in the past can be heavy which, while making them feel more expensive, does really weigh down my makeup bag.

So those were my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and why I love them so much. I can’t quite believe I can harp on so much about lipstick, but y’know they are just so pretty. I would genuinely highly recommend them over any other luxury lipstick – I haven’t bought lipstick from any other high-end brand for a very long time!

Do let me know what shades you own from Charlotte Tilbury – I always love to hear other people’s favourites! Or if you have any recommendations that you think are even better than CT that would be very interesting!


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