This Week..

This is a new little post I want to put up every Sunday just to summarise what I’ve been getting up to that week. This week was rather busy for me…
On Monday night I went to see my favourite band – Bombay Bicycle Club (for the 5th time.. hehe). They were incredible as usual, I love love love the new album. It’s really worth a listen if you haven’t already! Afterwards my friend Rachel and I headed out, and thankfully there is no photographic evidence of our exploits..
On Tuesday it was pancake time.. and puppy time! My friend Nicole just got this little cutie and so of course we all flocked round to her house to meet her. Obviously I was too busy with the puppy to take any pictures of our pancakes (which were pretty good!)

Then on Wednesday it was off to Edinburgh. I went up to visit my friend who goes to University there but also because we were going to see Disclosure that night.


I headed up in the afternoon and we spent the day wandering around the city and eventually taking a pit stop in the Elephant House – the cafe where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book.
I, of course, took the hugest piece of cake on offer and a cappuccino. The cafe is nice – full of light and little trinkets. There is also a very nice view of the castle!


This is the inside of the bathroom.. It is covered in Harry Potter quotes and messages from fans.
“There is both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on.” – Sirius Black.

What I loved about this picture was that someone wrote “LOTR 4 EVER” on the wall (I am a LOTR girl at heart..).


We then headed up to the castle where I attempted to get a nice picture, but my pointy hat decided to kinda ruin that..


And of course no trip to the castle is complete without a selfie.


Disclosure was an amazing, amazing gig. We were right at the front and things got pretty intense.. My body was aching from being pushed around so much!
As for the rest of the week, I chilled out as I was exhausted after all these gigs! A lazy Sunday today with a rather large roast rounded things off nicely.

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