Chanel no.5 L’eau

chanel no 5 l'eau review perfume
chanel no 5 l'eau review perfume 2

I thought I’d pop up a little review post today – as I have been absolutely loving this product, so I think it deserves it’s own blog post!

When I found out that Chanel were introducing a new, fresher, lighter version of their classic No. 5 fragrance, I for one was incredibly excited. The classic No.5 scent is very grown up and distinctive – I felt like it’s a fragrance I’d have to try out when I’m a bit older. However this new version of the scent is meant to be the ‘younger’ version of No.5 – they have Lily Rose Depp as the face of the campaign, so you can tell they are trying to communicate that it is for a different demographic than the original.

I actually picked this up going through Malaga airport – I had time to waste before my flight and decided to have a browse around the duty free. They had a huge display full of No.5 l’Eau, so of course I had to stop by to have a look. I managed to pick up the 50ml bottle for 69 euros (which with the exchange rate turned out to be £61) which is cheaper than it is in UK stores – so if you’re going to be passing through an airport any time soon I’d definitely recommend picking it up there.

First of all, the bottle is just absolutely beautiful. It has the classic shape & look of the original fragrance, but it has a clear liquid inside rather than the dark orange-looking liquid. This is totally up my street – it looks so gorgeous sitting on my little metal tray beside my bed (I took a photo of it on Instagram here).

As for the the scent – I’m in love. I will say that I don’t think this is for everyone; if you like fruity, sweet scents then you won’t like this. L’eau definitely still has the same sort of scent as the original No.5, it is just far more toned down. I personally really like it because I’m quite into stronger, spicy/floral scents – you know, the kind of perfume that stays on your scarf or sweater even after you’ve taken it off?

In summary – I think this is a hit from Chanel. It’s everything I wanted it to be, as a long-term fan of the brand but I would recommend going out and trying it yourself before buying as it is still quite a distinctive and unique scent.


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