Brunch & Vintage Shopping


With the stress of January exams over, the ensuing weeks before term beings again means only one thing: boredom. Stuck in my little student flat myself, there was only one thing to do.. Brunch and shopping of course.
Getting up a lot earlier than I have been for the past few weeks (10am.. usually a lie in, now painful) myself and my good friend Fergs headed to TriBeCa in the west end of Glasgow..
It’s a New York themed restaurant that has become quite famous for it’s all day breakfast..
And ridiculous portion sizes.
French toast really is one of my favourite things to eat. However I could only get through about 1 and a half slices of this – you’d have to be famished to be able to finish this!
Afterwards, we took a walk down Great Western Road to look in all the vintage shops (and work off the brunch..).
This is a great little vintage shop we found – very reasonable prices and everything is easy to browse. They had a great selection of pieces and they do student discount! I may have ended up leaving with a watch and a fur coat..
It was incredibly cold and that it why I am buried underneath this scarf.. 
Coat: French Connection
Scarf: Zara
Bag: Mulberry


And doesn’t Fergs look nice too?


It was a pretty foggy, grey day when we went but I promise you when we do get a little bit of sun in Scotland, this area is really pretty!


We then retreated back to the city centre, where I ended up looking like this after ‘having a little look’ in a few too many shops. I blame Fergs, she’s a terrible influence on me.


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