Essie Absolutely Shore

Hey there blogger-sphere, 
It is safe to say that I am obsessed with Essie nail polish. I had never even heard of them until around a year ago, when Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup began to rave about them. I remember buying my first shade (Fiji FYI) in September last year. Since then I’ve managed to amass around 15 of the little bottles, with Absolutely Shore being the newest addition to my collection.
Colour-wise, I’d best describe this as a sea-foam green. And I love it. I love mint green colours, and this is just the most perfect toned down pastel shade. I also own the ever-famous Mint Candy Apple, which I love to wear in the summer months, but if that is too bright for your tastes then I’d recommend this little baby right here!
Application-wise, this isn’t in the Boots/Superdrug diffusion line and therefore doesn’t have the lovely new brush (boo!) and it can be a little tricky to apply. However, I find that with a lot of polishes and it just takes a little getting used to and after two coats you have opaque, pastel goodness.
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