My Current Skincare Routine!

So I have been having a little bit of a skincare shake-up lately – buying and trying out a few new things and really just getting right into skincare in general! I go through phases of doing my skincare routine religiously, then getting lazy (usually after a night out, oops) and missing out essential steps! But I have been very good lately and have my skincare a little more fine-tuned…


Let’s start off with the exciting news: I got a Clarisonic!!! Mine is the Coral Limited Edition Mia, and I love it! Now, for cleansing, in the morning I use the Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel which is just fab. I really like Elemis products, I’ve never been disappointed with anything of theirs. This is beautiful – it smells great but isn’t overpowering, gives a good deep clean and then turns into a milky consistency with water. As for the evening, I use Bioderma to take off my makeup. I have done a whole review on it here! Afterwards I use my Clarisonic with the Eve Lom Cleanser. Now this stuff, is a game changer. I’m going to review it in a post of it’s own because it really is that good.


Toner was a step that I used to miss, but now I can’t be without my toners. It really is important – takes off all excess cleanser, refreshes the skin, closes pores, balances oil… So take heed! After cleansing both morning and night, I use the Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner. I have very oily skin and this has definitely helped to control oil and also close my pores. As for the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, need I say more? It’s a very hyped up product in the beauty community, but I must say I love it. The smell isn’t for everyone, but I find it just so fresh. I use it after I finish my make up and throughout the day as a facial mist


Now, as a bit of an oily gal, I must admit that I have struggled with moisturiser in the past. I find that most are geared toward dry skin, with really heavy formulas which leave my skin greasy. After a good long search, I found Rodial’s Dragon Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser, which I use in the daytime. This stuff smells incredible, but the smell is quite strong. I like that, but it’s not for everyone. It is a gel based formula, which means that it is absorbed into the skin quickly. Great for oily skin! Also, it contains Hyaluronic Acid which works at hydrating the skin and filling it up with moisture, which I think is great for us oily gals too. It works deep in the skin, rather than slathering on a thick layer of goop. At night time, I use Revive’s Moisturising Renewal Cream. I don’t have a picture of it as I only have a sample of it (well, I say sample.. I have a small pot of it. I work in beauty you see… 😉 ). It is fabulous! Pricey, but fabulous. It’s a scientific cream, and a little too complicated to explain in this post. Look out in the future for a post all about it, if I suck it up and purchase the full pot *gulp*.
And there you have my skincare! I haven’t included masks or serum ect, because I’m still in the process of acquiring everything I need for my full skincare regime. What are your favourite skincare products?


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