Worth the Hype?: Bioderma Review

I’m sure you have all seen this image before… the infamous white and pink bottle. I have read so many reviews on this product, and while it is elusive in the UK, it is widely available in France. So of course (or should I say, bien sur) I just had to pick up a bottle.. well actually two when I was in Paris this weekend!
Firstly, I’ll quickly explain what exactly it is. Basically, it is a make up remover (and cleanser if you so desire) which looks like water. However, as the name micellaire points to, the water molecules within the remover also contain oil which is what makes it effective in removing make up, but without the oily residue that comes with a lot of other make up removers.
But does it work? In my opinion, it certainly does. I have used so many different make up removers: Lancome, Estee Lauder, Guinot, No.7… None have really done it for me. But I was really happy with this product. My main positive is that it doesn’t sting your eyes when removing mascara – a major plus for me as my eyes can be quite sensitive when removing make up. Also, it is just really good at removing make up! I don’t wear waterproof mascara, but it is very effective at removing my YSL Faux Cils mascara.
Now, using this is not going to be any faster than using a make up wipe for instance. However, I find make up wipes to be quite harsh on my skin and they can leave my face looking quite red afterwards. Bioderma, however, leaves my skin feeling just so soft! It is like using a cleanser or exfoliator, rather than make up remover! Also, it is just far better for your skin to use a solution on a cotton pad, rather than rough make up wipes.
Cost-wise, a pack of two of these cost me 18 euros, which I was really happy with. Thats around £15, so around £7.50 each for 500ml! However to buy this online on eBay costs around £10-£15 including p+p (for a single bottle), so it isn’t the cheapest thing to buy here. But once my two bottles run out, I think I will still make the repurchase!

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