A little Lush haul

21st October 2015

When it gets to this time of year I love having cosy, chilled out nights where I light a few candles and watch Netflix in the bath. But what is missing from this image? A Lush bath bomb of course. I hadn’t been to Lush for quite a long time but after seeing a plethora […]

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Lush Haul (again, oops..)

17th November 2012

What can I say? I love a good bath and a pamper. So I popped into Lush this week and picked up some more of their goodies!     First up, the Bubblebeard. Need I say any more? It’s a sparkly white moustache on a stick, and it smells delish! I also picked up a […]

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Beauty Haul

9th October 2012

Oops I did it again. Going from a village to a city for university is having very adverse effects on my back balance!                   The boots 3 for 2 deal is still on and it is just such a major enabler for me! I went in for […]

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