Exploring Andalusia

ronda, spain, andalusia. Things to do in Ronda
ronda spain, exploring andalusia, what to do in ronda

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a bit quiet on here recently, but I’m on holiday in Spain at the moment. I’m in the south of Spain (Andalusia) and it has been so lovely so far. I thought I would put together a little post today of some photos I took on a trip to Ronda this week – it’s a very cute little town in the mountains!

Ronda is split into an old and new town – meaning there is nice shops etc but also lots of historical sights to see! One of the most famous spots is the Ponte Nueve – a rather impressive bridge that is built into the mountain.

ronda, spain, andalusia. Things to do in Ronda
ronda spain

The whole town was in full bloom when we visited. There was so many blossom trees, wisteria and so much more which made it even more beautiful (and Instagrammable!). The weather was beautiful, but a little windy, so I had to keep on my denim jacket over my shoulders.

Most of what I’m wearing is a little bit old, but I’ll link down below some similar items. I really love wearing this maxi dress over a t-shirt! I think it’d be the perfect Spring outfit for the UK too, where it isn’t quite so warm.

ronda spain
ronda spain

Ronda is very picturesque – the views are absolutely incredible! Everywhere you look there are mountains, fields full of cacti and beautiful buildings. We didn’t have a lot of time to visit everywhere, but there are a lot of historical sites to see including some Greek ruins and Arabe Baths dating back to the time of Moorish rule in Spain.

One place we did get to visit is the Plaza de Toros. It is one of Spain’s oldest bullrings and it was so interesting to get to see it. It reminded me of the Colosseum in Rome, only bright yellow!

ronda plaza de toros

So that was my little photo diary of Ronda. I’m going to be sharing some more outfit and travel posts while I’m here in Spain! I’m also thinking of putting together an interiors post of my bedroom here, because the photo I put up of it on Instagram (find me here!) seemed to go down well. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!


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