January Payday Wishlist

january wishlist, fashion, style, shopping
january wishlist, fashion, style, shopping

I for one am going to be very glad to see the back of January – it has been the most horrible month for me! Between the cold weather and the monotonous work on my dissertation, I have just not been feeling this first month of 2017. However, I have been getting excited thinking about the Spring fashion that is coming into stores. I thought I’d share my little January wishlist with you all – it is payday weekend after all!

For the coming season, I’m looking to getting some more basics in my wardrobe. I love Whistles’ t-shirts – they are great quality and they always have cute little slogans on them. This one says ‘à la mode’ on it and it has stripes. I also love this white t-shirt that says ‘enchanté’ – I obviously am a sucker for a cute French phrase.

You may also be able to tell from the (poorly executed) image above that I am loving florals. Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.. I seen this little floral bag from M&S a while ago and thought it was so cute! I don’t have anything like this in my collection and think it’ll add something a bit extra to simple outfits. Topshop also have so many lovely new things in at the moment with florals all over them!

A brand I really want to finally try this month is Olive Clothing. I have been looking on their website for probably over a year now, but haven’t made a purchase yet. At the top of my list is this gorgeous cream sweatshirt with floral detailing.

For the coming season I’d also like to switch up my style a bit to make it more interesting. I basically live in jeans, sweaters and t shirts right now. I am loving this Topshop Gingham Skirt – I think it would look great with a leather jacket and t shirt for Spring. Also it would definitely work for the summer as well!

I am really excited to switch up what I’m wearing next month. I am dreaming of denim and leather jacket weather, so that I can finally take off my duvet coat! Hopefully Scotland will get a bit warmer in February – we’ll see!

I’ve added a few more pieces that I have my eye on in the little widget below. I have been on a bit of a spending ban in January and I’ve done quite well so far. But I am SO ready to get shopping (& splurging) again!

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So that was my little January wishlist. I have to admit, making that graphic at the top was SO hard for me. I am totally rubbish with photoshop and graphic design in general. If anyone has any posts on creating graphics for blogging, please send them my way!


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