What to buy your boyfriend for Christmas


Because they are just so damn hard to buy for, right?

I asked both Max and my brother Scott for some advice for this little gift guide and well I can’t say that they were a huge help. When I asked Max he simply told me that boys like to get “useful things” for Christmas – like how does that help me at all?! Scott did make a few good suggestions but sent me no direct links so I’ve had to just make my own interpretation of his advice.
Just to clarify – I have not bought any of these gifts for my boyfriend or my brother this year. I did not want to include what I got them (even though they are fabulous gifts) because they both read my blog from time to time and I want to keep it a surprise.
From clockwise

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky
This was one of Scott’s suggestions. Monkey Shoulder is a blended malt whisky so it’s a lot easier to drink than single Malts meaning it’s the perfect “Whisky for beginners”. So if your boyfriend isn’t the hugest fan of whisky but you know he is just dying to look more sophisticated when having a dram with your Dad, this is a good shout.

Calvin Klein Boxers
A classic, fail-safe option that I’m sure any boy would love. Most boys are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to buying themselves the essentials such as underwear so if you don’t buy it for them, who will?

Marks and Spencer David Gandy Pajamas
(The top and the bottoms of this set are sold separately). The David Gandy for M&S pyjamas are super super soft and both my boyfriend and brother are a big fan of them. There is a variety of styles available but I really like the burgundy and grey combo because it’s a little bit different from the traditional flannel pyjamas that boys always seem to wear.

Wash Bag 
I think this is such a great gift for any boys who are into their grooming or those who are just getting into it and need a bit of help. This bag is a great size and is a nice gift on it’s own or you could fill it up with some skincare goodies for them to try.

Nixon Watch
A watch is such a classic gift but it can be hard to find a nice, good quality watch that isn’t going to completely break the bank. I love the watches from Nixon and this one is £170 which I think is quite a good price for this type of watch.

Ted Baker Scarf
This was another one of Scott’s suggestions. Ted Baker have some lovely gift ideas for men this year, but I love this deep red scarf. It’s a nice pop of colour but it isn’t too out there so I think most boys would like it.

Star Wars Bluetooth Speakers 
I absolutely love this and I think it’s perfect for any Star Wars fan-boy out there. They are only £45 as well which I think is a very good price for a set of speakers and if your boyfriend is anywhere near as obsessed with Star Wars as mine is, they won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it! Does anyone else have good boyfriend gift suggestions? Or tales of woe trying to find them something they love? Tell me in the comments!


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