Welcome to Montreal

In case you didn’t know, I’ve recently (well, almost 2 months ago eek) moved to Montreal for my year abroad with uni. I’ve been crazy busy since I got here, thus the lack of blogging, so I’ve picked a few of my favourite snaps of this beautiful city that I’ve taken so far as a little catch up post. This is the famous view from Mont Royal, the mountain that is in the centre of Montreal.
When I got here back in August, the weather was so so hot. It is was actually around 28 degrees until the end of September, which is quite unusual weather for Canada at this time of year. However the leaves have been starting to change colour (now they look incredible, post on that to come..) leaving splashes of vibrant red and orange across the city.
One of the best parts about Montreal is that there is always something going on: music festivals, food festivals, parties. There is something to do every weekend and most of the time it’s free or very cheap! The above photos were taken at Piknic Electonik (a summer music festival that goes on every Sunday) and Bacchanale festival in the Old Port of Montreal.



Finally, a little note about the food here. You might be looking at the above picture in disgust, but that is intact the Canadian delicacy of poutine. AKA chips, cheese curds and gravy. This one has pulled pork, coleslaw and sour cream added on top for good measure – it was so good.
Beer is a huge thing here too – it’s also the cheapest drink by far so nowadays I’ve been forgoing my usual gin and tonic for a Molson Canadian (although I miss g+t’s deeply).
So that was just a little catch up on what’s going on here – I do have so much more to share from my time here and a lot of travel plans so I will be sharing that here on the blog (I will, I will, no excuses now!). I’m also planning on doing a few posts about the experience of going abroad to study and what to expect – I really should have read a few of those before coming out here!


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