Chelsea & Flatiron | NYC Part 3

On our 2nd last day in NYC, we travelled downtown with our sole intention being to find Dough Doughnuts. And I’m so glad that we did.

Dough is in the Flatiron district in NYC (they also have a place in Brooklyn) which is such a nice area to visit. There are a lot of nice shops that are much easier to browse in than the huge flagships near Times Square. After doing a bit of shopping we wandered into Chelsea, which looks like Carrie Bradshaw’s neighbourhood if you ask me.
I mean, this is dream home potential. I wouldn’t mind living on the top floor with that roof terrace…
Juggling shopping bags & doughnuts. As you do.
In Chelsea there are so many nice brownstone houses with stairways like this. Some actually had gates up to keep away people like me who wanted a picture trying to look like a New Yorker.. But not all of them! There was a few builders who were laughing at me, admittedly, but you can’t let others stop you from getting a good photo, am I right?
I really liked this outfit and someone on the street actually complimented me on it (always a perk). The t shirt is quite old, bought from the Topshop sale. But you can find the skirt here and the shoes here.
And that concludes all of my little NYC posts! I kind of wish I had done a haul now, because I bought a lot of stuff while I was there. I’m considering starting to film some videos in the near future to do things like that and also put together some travel vlogs… eeek that’s a bit scary!
I’m currently in the South of France on holiday so I won’t be as active on my blog as normal and then I’m actually moving to Canada next week!! So expect to see lots more travel posts very soon.


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