French Riviera holiday, villefranche sur mer

How to Plan a Trip to the French Riviera.

8th September 2017

As I mentioned in my recent post all about Antibes, I'm lucky enough to get to visit the French Riviera quite a lot. I also have the benefit of having a real local to show me around - my boyfriend Max grew up near Cannes and so knows the area really well. So I thought [...] Read More
september goals

September Goals.

3rd September 2017

It's finally September! I know the normal thing to say at the start of every month is 'oh my, how is this year going so fast!' etc, etc.. but I feel like I've been waiting for the end of summer for so long. We are moving into Autumn (my favourite season!) and I feel like [...] Read More
organisation and planning tips. advice for time management

How I Plan & Organise My Time

12th January 2017

I am quite a busy person at the moment, between being in my final year of my masters degree and keeping up with this blog. I have a lot on my plate, but I'm dedicated to not letting either one slip this year. As a result, I've had to really work on my time management [...] Read More