Kale for your nails?

Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat
I was in the market for some new nail polish essentials recently and spotted this while browsing in Boots. I mean, it is a bit of a gimmick. However it intrigued me enough that I added it to my basket and gave it a try.

The liquid is a cloudy green colour but this doesn’t translate onto the nails. As base coats go, I think it does the job pretty well. I normally would just use the one polish for a base and top coat, but I think this gave my nails a much stronger and smoother base than other ones that I’ve tried. I haven’t had any broken nails since using it (although I’m very lucky & have strong, fast growing nails naturally) and polish has been lasting longer with it. I actually didn’t use a base coat on top of my colour after using this and it lasted a good week with no chips.

Is it a holy grail product? Well, I wouldn’t call it that but it is effective as a base for regular polish. The actual nail colours in the same line though, I would really like to try next. There are some really pretty colours available and I’d like to see if there is a difference in longevity when the kale is in the colour too. Food for thought (quite literally..).

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